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So my name is hyatt mumin . Im a women of color and i was shopping at the safeway in Bellevue square. It was just after i finished my 8 hr shift in the mall so I was feeling snackish. So i walked in and as i walking Towards the alcohol aisle but I didn't even know there was alcohol in that aisle so I was just walking and I heard a worker say look at that shoplifter and she was talking to her coworker so I just feel like that was really racist and biased towards me even though I was just a regular civilian feeling snack-ish after work and wanted to eat and I don't know who sees these complaints or if they're even taken seriously but I think that somebody should hear this

Sep 28, 2018
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  • 9w
      Sep 28, 2018

    not sure how rascism comes into the comment made by the safeway employee

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  •   Sep 28, 2018

    You were feeling “snackish”. Can you put that in English?

    You’re a “women of color” so you have multiple personalities?

    She said shoplifter so had to be talking about you — why? Because you’re not white?

    Lady, I feel you think you’re being discriminated against but I think you are paranoid. One of y’all is, at least

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