Safeway / service

Tillamook, OR, United States

On countless occasions prior to work at approximately [protected] I have entered the Tillamook Safeway, grabbed less than 6 items and found that the one check stand open will have at minimum 6 or more people waiting in line; for what is often a 15+ min. wait in order to check out. There are never any other capable (able to check) employees within the vicinity and when a back-up checker (or a '3 is a crowd' call is made) others rarely arrive. I have now walked out of the store following a 15+ minute wait in line on 4 of my last 7 trips, often having 5 or more people still ahead of me. This evening, the only checker was a newly trained woman, she was ringing up the same order for 13 minutes while 11 people waited to check out. I prefer Safeway to any other store; although the recent trips are a huge discouragement in continuing to shop there. I comprehend running a skeleton crew, but this type of service is hard to 'deal' with.

Jun 09, 2017

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