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I went shopping on Monday February 19th at 545 or so at Safeway Store 1798 in Puyallup, WA on Canyon Rd and 112th. I picked up State Fair Corn Dogs 12 count for 3.99 (even checked the price tag to ensure I had the correct item) and went to check out with my items. The item above rang up as 8.99 and I said politely that it was incorrect. The cashier Tammy at first acted like she didn't hear me then after twice more repeating made some comment about a star not being present then looked at me. I stood by what I stated and she said she would go look. She came back and stated it was right so I said I would show her where I had gotten it. I did and she went three doors down or so to a vegetable cooler and pointed at the exact same item shoved in in front of frozen veggies. I finally said I'll just swap them then and I'll be speaking to a manager at which point she said snidely that she was a manager so I said higher then and she laughed. Once we got back to the register she tried showing the difference between the products and I said just switch them out because at that point I was frustrated, a bit upset, and not happy.

Feb 19, 2018
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  • Lr
      Feb 20, 2018

    Also the reason that I found out that Tammy did not hear me is because she is deaf, or partially deaf. She had hearing aids.If this is the case she has no business working with people. She should be cleaning washrooms so that people don't have to be inconvenienced by her not hearing them. Or better yet she should have been put to sleep as an infant if she was born deaf. or once they found out she was deaf. No use for people like her. Now after reading the sign i admit that i was wrong. But still they should have honoured me instead of discriminate against me.

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