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Safeway / scanner overcharge

1 Oakland, CA, United States Review updated:

The scanners are charging different prices than the price listed on the shelf. When I called to alert the store staff to the issue (not asking for any reimbursement honestly it's so small its not worth my time to drive back and claim it) they were rude and handed me off to a stock boy to explain it too. When I described the products I had been overcharged on so he could correct the error and prevent future people from being ripped off, he said "they are still overcharging? That happened to me earlier today when I bought myself a soda". That sent off a red flag to me that the store staff knew about the issue but took no action to correct it, preferring instead to continue overcharging customers. Later today I will call the Alameda County Weights and Measures to file a formal complaint. I know Safeway was sued in 2007/2008 for overcharging looks like they have not learned their lesson and made any changes to their business practices.

It's only $2.40 out of my pocket this time but it signals a much larger problem with Safeway as an honest business.

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  • St
      29th of Aug, 2009
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    If you were in Canada, if an item's price is higher than its shelf pice, you can get the item for free (Safeway included)!

    Though, I do not see a lot of issues with incorrect price tags at the Safeway near me (Calgary, Canada).

  • Da
      1st of Feb, 2010
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    Safeway is the very worst retailer for scanner error, in my opinion, and to make it worse, they do not correct their errors when confronted. I have reported the situation to my state (Oregon) but nothing gets done about it. The problem is that when the consumer files a complaint, the amounts are so small as to draw little attention, and certainly little or no concern from the very bureaucrats who work for us taxpayers. I usually find 3 or 4 scanner errors a month at Safeway, and would find far more if I were to shop there more often. I normally go out of my way to avoid the Safeway that's 2 blocks from my apartment in Portland, but when I run out of eggs or milk for breakfast, there is no other store in this neighborhood. I truly believe the problem is worse at inner-city stores, and Safeway seems to specialize in city stores. My favorite supermarket in Portland is New Seasons (a small Portland chain), but since there is no store nearby, I prefer to shop at Kroger's Fred Meyer. We do have a Whole Foods in this area, but I do not go in for overpriced grocers (Safeway is overpriced enough for me!) I read recently that there are more errors on sale items, and this has been the case for my purchases.

  • Iv
      11th of May, 2010
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    You are the only Safeway customer that actually shows some intelligence. I worked there (but quit) and I have to agree with you that the company is horrible at keeping prices updated

  • Da
      31st of Jan, 2011
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    I am very tired of this practice at Safeway, and since it does not happen on a regular basis at any of the other 4 store I use, I must charge that this is intentional! I'm contacting the State of Oregon, and I will take them to small claims court if Oregon takes no action. I've been complaining for years, and it's time Safeway accepts the blame.

  • La
      25th of Dec, 2014
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    Von's (Safeway) San Pedro on Gaffey St. I was overcharged $3 for a bag of charcoals on Christmas Day. Cashier (Ebony) didn't care and supervisor was rude. I made them give me back the difference plus appropriate tax because I don't allow people to rip me off. I will never shop at that store again. I know no one wants to work on Christmas day. Just don't be rude to customers.

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