Safeway, Lake Stevens, WAgift card stolen digitally before used, and not compensated!

I feel as though Safeway stole $50 from me, and I won't shop there anymore. Last July, (2018) I bought a Safeway gift card for my daughter. She tried using it a day or two later, to find that it had $0 on it! I took the card with the receipt for its purchase back to the Safeway customer service desk. The clerk gave me a phone number to call, which I did, to report it. The employee on the phone got all of my info to reimburse me for the stolen card. Apparently, the thief had spent about $5 at the Lake Stevens store, and then went to the Everett Safeway, and spent the rest there! My daughter lives about 45 minutes+ east of there, and does not shop in Everett. The money was never reimbursed to me, and I do not trust Safeway.

Dec 04, 2018

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