Safeway / customer service

Sweet Home, OR, United States

Today at approximately 12:30 pm, I was at the Sweet Home, OR Safeway where I overheard a conversation between an unhappy customer and a customer service associate, Kelly. The customer walked up to the service desk and addressed Kelly and said, "For what you did to Adam, I hope you're happy with yourself", and she replied, "What did I do?" the customer then replied, "Really?", and walked away. It was done in front of customers as well as employees. I would like to know if indeed this Kelly is responsible for the fact that Mr. Lindner is no longer employed with this company. If so, then you let go of one of the best managers I've ever had the pleasure of having been involved with. He has on more than one occasion assisted me with discrepancies and even went so far as to offer assistance when it didn't appear to be convenient, IE-the store was extremely busy and his presence was needed elsewhere . In my opinion, you kept a worthless employee and let go of an asset. He represented your company much better than this Kelly does.

Jun 11, 2017

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