Safeway $10 Off $75 Purchase Couponmisleading coupon

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Safeway is handing out "$10 off on your next $75 purchase" coupon. The casher handed me the coupon with a receipt. I returned to store and bought $90 worth shopping. When I handed the coupon, the casher said "This is not a coupon. This is just advertisement. The real coupon looks exactly the same, but has a bar code on the side. You are not the only one who thought this was a coupon." I read the coupon again and again, and no where it says "This is NOT a coupon." It looks exactly like a coupon. Safeway is luring people into their store with a fake coupon.

Safeway $10 Off $75 Purchase Coupon

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  • Sn
      Jul 10, 2011

    Do you notice it says "Get a $10 coupon When you spend $75 or more on your next purchase" Meaning on your next purchase of 75 dollars or more you will Get A coupon printed for $10. Its advertisement... letting you know of the opportunity. It you had gone in and purchased groceries totaling $75 or more by the date shown, you would have received a coupon with a scan bar. There is no where on that ad where it says this is the coupon.. it clearly states "Get a $10 coupon" .

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  • Or
      Oct 14, 2019

    @Snuffles I was going to say the very same thing! It clearly states that you will receive a coupon. Hopefully, you got one with your $90 purchase!

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