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C Nov 20, 2017

After my house almost burned down on March 29, 2010, I should have switched monitoring companies!! They blamed the failure of the system to notify authorities and me on me cable TV company...

For my [protected] agreement/contract I stated that I did not want the service part of the contract, only the monitoring part and sent them the proper amount for the yearly monitoring in November 2016. The first of February they sent me 2 letters: the first dated 2/1 stated that they were sorry I had canceled my contract with them and wondered why. The second dated 2/3 stated that my account was past due 140.78 which was the cost of the service agreement. I called the designated person twice and got voicemail both times. I left the message that I did not want the service agreement, only the monitoring agreement. When I did not receive a bill for 2017-18 I called and found out they had canceled me as of 2/2017. Funny they never sent any refund for the 309.24 I had paid for the monitoring service.
I am still waiting for my refund. They refuse to pay any interest for the money they received but offered me no service for. In 2010 my house almost burned down and killed my2 dogs because their system failed.

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