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Resolved product doesn't work. will not let us out of contract

Ugh, I am finding out the hard way about how horrible this company is too. We have not had a working alarm for at least 3 months now. I tried canceling the contract today and an employee by the name of Time Sparks was rude and informed me that there is no way to break the contract (we didn't even know we were still in one!) I asked him why this company does not have to hold their part of the contract but we do? Our alarm doesn't even work! HORRIBLE. I hope no one uses them.

auto renewing me without my consent

Never sign a contract with Safe Home Security I signed a 3 year contract and I fulfilled my contract with...

Resolved non-existent service

I took over a pre-existing contract from the previous owners of my home in March 2010. Since that time, my account has been debited on a monthly basis for $44.99. The company's name has changed numerous times since then (Firstline, Alarm Services). About a year ago, I began to request service to replace an expired battery. This is when I really began to see the importance of working w/ a local company rather than one whose location you don't even know. I was treated like an imbecile (as if the problem was just my inability to replace a battery), & no one ever came out. A couple of weeks ago, I asked a local company, approved by the BBB, to look at my existing system & offer a quote. The serviceman arrived quickly, at the appointed time, but he was likewise unable to open the panel to replace the expired battery. He questioned whether my house was being monitored at all. I've since spent the past two weeks dealing w/ utter incompetence in the customer service dept. at Safe Home Security who first told me I'd be allowed out of my supposed contract w/ 60-days notice, then told me I'd be held to a 3rd year contract (illegal in CA where only 2-year contracts are allowed), then told me to email & I'd have my answer last Friday. I've now had to cancel my current ATM & order a new one to ensure Safe Home can no longer debit my acct. Meanwhile, I'm arranging for new service w/ an affordable, responsive local company & filing detailed complaints w/ the BBB & CA Consumer Affairs against Safe Home out of concern for other consumers like me.

do not deal with this company, they are bad news

Three years ago I got a Security System from Safe HomeSecurity and I have been trying to cancel my contract with them for about one year and they always have and excuse why I cannot cancel the first one was I need to in writing fax to them I wanted to cancel did that then I talked to one of their Customer Service rep and told them that I did not want to renew my contract the man told me it renews it self if I did not fax them a cancellation letter but I did fax it to them and then I talked to Jorge Ormezzano who mail me a renew contract and told him I did not want to renew and he gave me a hard time now they sent me a bill that I am not paying . I want people to know about this company the customer Service is the worst I ever dealt with. Do not deal with this company, they are bad news.

Resolved billing/collections/professional etics/contracts

SAFE HOME SECURITY has to be the absolute most unprofesssional, crooked, unethical corperation I've had...

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faulty equipment

DO NOT USE SAFE HOME SECURITY!!! Safe Home Security is ripping people off!!! Our home caught on fire due to lightning on June 22, 2011, while we were vacationing out-of state. Due to a faulty alarm system the fire department was not contacted. It was a total loss. Safe Home Security was contacted on June 23, 2011.. They have continued to bill due to a 30-month contract agreement". We have made over 25 calls to them in the last six months, even a service call to try and get someone to come to the now-vacant property|. NO RESPONSE AT ALL!! We were promised repeatedly that someone would call us back which never happened|. The people we did speak to were VERY RUDE! They have now turned our security and fire contract over to a collections account and have made adverse marks on our credit|. As of today, even though they admitted having record of all our calls plus the fact that their system DID NOT notify fire department as it should, their remarks were that they would continue to bill and report negatively to the credit union:. When told that we had grounds for legal action they said " do what you have to do":. And so we will'. I have never had a worse experience with a company in my life and hope that the word will be spread that Safe Home Security is ripping people off with faulty equipment!!! They have no concern for their clients at all!! I sincerely hope that their building and the homes of their top people are covered by one of their own systems! The person who I spoke to yesterday and today was named Terry (Terrence Rourke) and he stated that the decision came from the "powers that be". 1e69514

  • Mr
    Mrknowitall Dec 14, 2011

    You neglected to tell us what your contract says about the situation. It sounds like it was an act of God, hence, you are required to fulfill your contract. There isn't much equipment resistant to being hit by lightning. This is more of a faulty review.

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Resolved monitoring

I purchased a home security system from Safe Home Security 4 years ago. Per our agreement the device was free...

Resolved hassale to cancel, they are rude and abusive

They are the worst company. I have moved and wanted to cancel my monitoring. I called in. They said i have to...

Resolved unauthorized ach debit and billing

This company, in addition to providing incompetent and malfunctioning service which cause me to incur county...

Resolved theft from our bank account

Makes one a bit nervous when a company has so many names. In October of last year after finding a local company J&J Security we decided to pay up our contract with safe home security we did so we did receive an email and written letter confirmation that our account was closed after paying up contract. This morning my wife found that Safe Home had taken money out of our bank account.

Resolved contract tampering/harrassment


  • Bi
    binkybean Mar 26, 2012

    A friend of mine has been paying (auto pay) to ADT SINCE 2006, and just recently found out she is not even connected to the alarm co.
    They told her she would have to pay to have someone come out and hook her up, and they refused to refund her money for all those years.

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robbed me

I signed a 3 year contract with SHS in April 2005. They installed an alarm system and the monitoring was activated. After several false alarms during the first 2 years, I received a warning from the Police Department that I will be fined if any other false alarms should occur. After a long battle, SHS replaced some of the faulty parts on the system. After 3 years, the contract quietly renewed itself without any notice to me. I wanted to cancel it after the initial term because of the problems I was having during that time. Upon installation of the system, the technician informed me that SHS sends out a notice of the renewal in advance, which proved to be false in the end. In March 2010, there was a burglary at my residence. I suffered severe damage and losses during that incident. (Around $20000.00, plus some irreplaceable items.) During the investigation, the investigating officer triggered the alarm and SHS responded via a phone call. They were informed of the break-in at that time. In their mission statement on the SHS website, they make several claims about customer service and how concerned they are about their customer's safety and security. However, after being informed about the break-in, they did not have the courtesy to inquire about my situation. I realized that the system was useless, and I called SHS to inquire about an upgrade. I was quoted another $500.00 to upgrade the system for better protection of my family and property. I was willing to go ahead with the upgrade and get it done. I was about to leave town, and had to get it done ASAP. My family was terrified to stay alone in the house while I was out of town. My wife called several times to get the technician to do the upgrade. The response from them was pathetic, and at one point he just hung up the phone while my wife was trying to set up a time for the installation. I found that extremely rude and offensive. That was no way to treat a paying customer. She called the company's office again and requested another technician. Again, no timely response from them. I was forced to find some other way to protect my family and my property. I contacted another company and within 24 hours, I had a new system installed and I could leave town knowing that my family and property was safe. Upon my return, I cancelled the deduction order at my bank and I sent SHS a letter to explain my reasons. They had broken the contract when they failed to provide me with reasonable service and protection, or any kind of action form their side. Me family and property was left defenseless when I needed them most. I honored my part of the contract for 5 years by paying on time every month. They proved that they are only interested in my money, and contrary to their mission statement, their customer service is pathetic. SHS kept on harassing me for the rest of the contract term. Not once did they show any concern for the safety of my family or my property. It was all just about the money. I recently contacted a consumer lawyer, and I discussed the matter with him. He confirmed that SHS breached the terms of the contract by their failures to respond to my concerns, or to provide me with a reasonable service. He also advised me to file this complaint with the BBB for alternative action. I made the payments during those 5 years in a timely fashion, and they did not honor their part of the contract, by providing me with a reasonable service that I paid for.

Resolved contract violations


I own 3 subway franchises in North Carolina, all of which had Safe Home Security as it's security company. On July 27th, 2010 there was an overnight break-in at one of my restaurants in Pineville, NC. Safehome Security did not alert the pineville police department and instead dispatched the Charlotte Police Department. Charlotte police told Safe Home that there was no permit on file, so they wouldn't be able to go. Safe Home failed to contact the right police department giving the burglars plenty of time to destroy my restaurant and henceforth resulting in thousands of dollars in damages. A passerby called the Pineville police department and they reached the scene same time as me. The officer on scene told me since the department is located 1 minute away they would have been able to stop the burglars.

I contacted the customer service manager at Safe Home that morning. His name was Bill Stewart; who apologized for the mistake and asked me to email him a list of damages. When I emailed him a list of damages, he responded back by telling me that in my contract it clearly states that Safe Home will be only responsible for $250; and that they will pay the amount once he talks to his CFO. I waited a long time without for a response from Bill Stewart. Finally I emailed him again in August and here is the response I received:

"Dear Sir:

I spoke with our CFO, he said you have to make a claim with your insurance company. We need a copy of the insurance claim and a copy of the police report and we will pay the $250.

Bill Stewart
Customer Service Manager
[protected] x 1125"

I submitted the copy of the insurance claim and the police report; and then he never responded back. After waiting weeks I called Bill Stewart personally asking for an update; and he stated that the CFO was on vacation. More weeks went by and I emailed Bill Stewart for an update and he emailed me back stating that the CFO was reviewing it with the legal department and he would get back with me. This was 4 months after the incident and it became frustrating for me because I'm in the customer service business and you are not supposed to treat a customer this way. I did not feel safe with my restaurants security handled by Safe Home Security Inc, so I switched over to Guardian Protection Services. I told my bank to stop payment on all Safe Home security's ACH. I am now receiving phone calls from their collection employees all times of day and nights. They are calling my house phone, work phone, and even my father's home phone; who was listed as an emergency contact. They are rude and demanding payment over the phone. They are threatening to ruin my credit score by reporting to the credit agencies. They are threatening to go to court and get lawyers involved unless I pay with a debit card or a credit card over the phone. Also the company is demanding payments for the next 3 years because the contract automatically renews without notice. Is that even legal in the country? Can a company just renew the contract for 3 years without giving me any notice or a heads-up?

I called the collections department and asked to see the contract I signed. I received one of the store's contract on 1/8/11

1) The signature on the contract for the first store is mine but the signature on the personal guarantee contract isn't mine. It looks like someone forged the signature on the personal guarantee contract.

2) I was emailed me a copy of the contract for the 2nd store back in July. I checked to make sure the signature was mine, and I wasn't shocked to see that the signature wasn't mine either. It was forged as well; and it makes sense because I don't remember signing a contract for that particular store. I wouldn't be surprised if my 3rd store's contract signature is forged either.

I believe this type of forgery happens because Safe Home uses bad business practices by getting 3rd party independent contractors to get them clients, and sometimes these 3rd party contractors aren't that honest as they seem. They just want to cash in on the account they signed up no matter the cost.

The contract states that the most they will pay if responsible is $250, and that's one of the main reasons I am scared to hire an attorney because they charge around$200/hour and it might take months to win against this company.

I have a perfect credit score and I feel so frustrated that I can't stop this company from ruining my credit.

  • Al
    alarm man May 29, 2012

    worked for them and they do bad pratices if you coment back with a # i will call you and tell you more things they do also see if they pulled any alarm permits for your business

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Resolved unethical business practces

Never use these guys. They use an evergreen clause (look up the term) that will kick in whether you renew or...

put my life in jepordy due to faulty equip installation

This is not as Alarm monitoring is "Youll never get out of this contract Company" with fast lawyers on hand to make sure they squeeze every dollar from you they can. And while they practice dispicable business ...they do not provide the verey service you are paying for. It almost cost me my life. On Feb. 5th, 2010, I was held at knife point in my bloody Kitchen because the alarm failed, due to faulty install. Pleading with them that I was not safe in my home and to please repair the problem, they did not respond for three days. Then the Lake county sheriffs Dept had requested that they repair the alarm and make it opperable because I was in danger. I tried to fire or cancel them...they would not allow it and tried to charge me for thier own neglegent original install. I decided to not battle them due to the fact that my contract would be up in 6mo. Before the date I notified them by fax as they had requested. Then tey continued to auto debit my account and informed me that they had automatically renewed me for 3years becuse the fax was not 60 days in advance. I am going to sue this company for endagangering my life due to lack of respnse, improper installation, and harrasment via unsruppulous business tactics.. they are crooks ...and are not about protection...they are worse than the burglars they pretend to keep out. Dont do business with these liars. Jackie Berkley

  • Al
    AlarmIndustryHelp Nov 08, 2010

    Sue them, that is always the reason the accounts renew, they didnt' get the fax/letter in time. I know this as I have worked in the alarm industry for years. Get a good lawyer and go after them!!

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  • M4
    M44mike Mar 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the same problem with this company. Here is what I am doing right now. Many states require a security license for this type business. I'll file complaint to the state department in charge to revoke their license. I think that my be the only way to terminate the contract by removing the license.

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contract and service

I tried to cancel my account with Safe Home Security because I feel it's a waste of money since the services do not work most of the time. I was told that we were under a 36 month contract and would be fined over $400 for terminating early. I don't understand why I have to continue to pay for a service for another 2 years that I'm not even receiving. We hardly ever activate the alarm because it constantly goes off in the middle of the night. They have called us on vacation because it has gone off because of a short/faulty wiring that they can't seem to find. It's nothing but thievery!

  • Al
    AlarmIndustryHelp Nov 08, 2010

    You need to request a copy of your contract. Make sure what they are telling you is correct, and that they have the paperwork to back it up. Sometimes they don't have it. Second, if they do have the paperwork to back it up, demand they fix the system. If they system is not working correctly they maybe under warranty conditions that will cost you little to no money. Finally, you may want to just pay the balance they are requesting, but request a settlement letter or close out letter as legal prove of the buy out, requesting you account be closed and your information removed from their marketing. They will years later pull your account from cancellation to use as marketing to get you back, I know all of this as I have worked in the alarm industry and with them for many years. Let me know if I can be of assistants.

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Resolved immoral business practices

In August of 2017 I was solicited by a representative of Safe Home Security. After listening to his long...

Resolved bad business practices

In August of 2007 I was solicited by a representative of Safe Home Security. After listening to his long...

Resolved scam

About a year ago, I recieved a letter in the mail that I was eligible for a free alarm system. It clearly stated that I could cancel at any time and someone would come pick it up the next day.I used it for a few months but the bills they sent me were too expensive, so I called the company to cancel. Imagine my surprise when they said I had signed a 3 year contract and would have to keep making monthly payments. I didn't sign anything!!! I stopped making payments and stopped using the system. Now, I am always getting harassing phone calls and notices asking for money. I'm very disappointed in Safe Home Security.

  • Ma
    MarkusC May 23, 2012

    I had safe security for over three years. I paid on time every month while I had it. I then sold my house after 3 years and 3 months of service. When I tried to cancel my service I was told that my contract was automatically renewed and would have to pay for the rest of the year even though I was not going to use it. I did know that I was signing a three year contract bu I did not know that it automatically renewed every year after that. Now since I canceled last July and paid for a year of service I have never received a letter in writing stating that my account was closed and contract fullfilled/ no longer active/ $0 balance etc. And when I called today, 10 months later, they stated that the cancellation was still being processed. This company is very untrustworthy to say the least and I would discourage anyone from doing business with them.

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  • Ma
    Marianna Beck Mar 17, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The Company Safe Security - 2440 Camino Ramon #200 in San Ramon, CA is unscrupulous bunch of scam artists... who are running essentially a protection racket. Once you get in - you can't get out. they continue to bill you even after you have cancelled service. They have automatically renewed service AFTER we called, than wrote and emailed and spoke to the better business bureau. Pass this around. DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE.

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  • Ma
    Martice Birmingham Jan 25, 2016

    I'm having problems with them myself as we speak. Very rude operators calling to collect for a period of time the system wasn't even monitored.

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  • Ro
    RobbyandTammy Apr 19, 2016

    Waste of time and money. System looks fancy and professional but does not work. Around three years ago two guys knocked on the door and gave their spiel on the system and crapped all over the existing one I already had. They showed us paperwork on lawsuits and BBB complaints on my exsiting provider. I agreed and allowed them to install their garbage. Previous provider was Pinnacle Security. I signed waivers and documents and they assured me this would cancel my previous agreement with no charges or cancellation fees. Complete lies. Around six months after install the system starting making noises beeping and squelching. When we called to have it looked at we were told there were no service technicians in our area. Not in the province. Not even in the country! We live in northern Alberta Canada. Our previous system would alert someone if a fire alarm went off ( smoky pot on the stove) or if one of the kids bumped the plug out of the wall and a rep would phone our house immediately, ask the password and check in.We ended up disconnecting it ourselves and of course no one called to notify us that our system had been tampered with. That was two years ago. We've had $60 a month come out of our account every month since the install.I finally reached a person this evening in San Ramon California and told them I wish to cancel their " services". We'll see how this pans out as I was told there will be no cancellation fees. Furtermore, we recently found out we were in collections for breech of contract and cancellation fees from our previous provider whose parent company is now ADT to the tune of over $2500! Another huge scam. These alarm companies are disgusting extortionists only to be rivalled by insurance companies ( trust me I own a collision repair shop and insurance companies are the ### of the earth!). Buy a dog or blast a few rounds in the air every once in a while and word will get out that your crazy and chances are no one will mess with your property. Truth be told this whole alarm system thing is a huge scam. These creatures at Safe Home Security should be shot with a ball of their own excrement.

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Resolved cancellation of service

I signed up their home security service over 2 years ago. Due to a job change, we were moving to CA from MA...