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wrong pay

Complaint! is on( US SECURITY ASSOCIATE) Yes! I agree On Class Action suit Although I mistakenly deleted...

I am complaining about site : 14748 #853 bessemer, al u.s. pipe

I am writing to report issues and problems at job site #853. My name is Tashana Goodwin and I was fired on...

unpaid training

So I was Informed that if I don't complete the training (security STARS) Then I would lose my job, I did the tedious training and I forgot to ask if it was paid training, I text my operations manager and she tells me "unfortunately no" i then do some research and find this unpaid training to be illegal.

Also it is common among us security associates guards to be forced to do training and your not being paid for it.

All I have to say is sue! Sue when you get the chance to stop the unethical practices of the management! I'm going to get paid for my training! I'm afraid to lose my job though if I complain... But I can also sue if they unlawfully fire me...

Also a tip for guards! Download phone call recording apps on your phones there's one for $10.99 on the apple app store, get everything in text,

And just in case you notice they are calling instead of texting, you need to record the call, so what you do is say this when they call:

"Hello?... Hello?... Here wait let me call you back I can't hear you clearly"

*go in phone call recording app, then call back with the app instead*

If you dont do this you are putting yourself at risk for the unethical unjustly practices of these managers! Because as I'm reading these complaints I'm noticing this is Nationwide! I'm in NYS... I'm going to get paid for this training!

very poor management & injustice, unfairly treated

Bad experience with U.S. Security Associates recruiter Leon Campbell out of Houston Tx I was contracted to work for Dairy farmers of America in schulenburg tx and unperfesonal recruiter along with unperfesonal site supervisor Ashley white Digging up employers personal life & slandering it to other employees... brought it to the recruiters attention and all was said was your not working for them and [censored] them. Retaliation to continued to get worse like locking me out of shipping twice & slandering Picking on me. I had to stand up for my self and then after I did the site supervisor became very angry and getto. The employees then started retailaiting with every move I did at work. Trying to make me feel bad & to make me quite I was so uncomfortable and scared i was forced to quite bc I was uncomfortable at every thing did. I was very scared to say anything to my recruiter he always seemed to get upset & angry and un bothered I just knew nothing was gonna ever get resolved. I then made one mistake with a pu# and was screamed at by my recruiter saying what are you trying to hide and you didnt write it in the dar report I said I thought it was resolved with the shipping and which it was then David Shaffer in shipping called the front Management at dairy farmers after it already was supposedly resolved to make me get in trouble I told the recruiter what had been going on again and he says why disjt you tell me earlier, the recruiter knew this was going on still but failed to correct problems. I asked him after 2 months whats gonna happen bc I'm uncomfortable to go bk to work he finally agreed for me to write a report after this bully was going on 2months after it was already to late ...My recuiter even called me from the bar in Houston saying dont judge me I'm getting a couple drinks tonite I just want you to know the site supervisor is to young and immature I know she should of said any of your personal business Unperfesonal recruiter. Site supervisor was trying to make me lose my job also along with her cousin and his friend in Dairy farmers of America in sburg tx. I was a very loyal dedicated employee and really loved working for us
security . But unfortunately it was a Very horrible experience. No integrity, loyalty, respect @ all

security officer

The security officer that works at altitude Apartments in Malden mass Is rude. Today 08-31-18 at 7:47pm I was asking for a overnight pass for the complex I live in and she turns around and say you are the rude one. As she is getting my plate number she says something and starts laughing. I ask her what she says nothing. This is not the first time she has been rude to me or my guest. There is no need for the disrespect from her as I am a Resident of the complex.

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I have been working with this company going on 3months. I have been to work on time and never missed a day since I've been there, but i have been mistreated and used since day one and i have tried to talk to the manager in private and call her on the phone but she doesn't want to talk unless she have a crowd around her where everyone in office can hear your conversation. I tried calling and talking to the head supervisor in Pensacola fl but he tells me that it's ok for her to have other people around and for her to have me on speaker phone when i do call to talk to her. What kind of work place let's other people in the office hear your conversation when you're calling and want to talk in private. New schedule are suppose to come out on Thursday but we don't get the schedule until Saturday or Sunday. She can give you a schedule on Sunday and Tuesday will change the schedule to accommodate someone else that work whatever day they need off! Not considering other people who have already made plans on the schedule she had given on Sunday.

raises and appreciated

im a current employee and was excited about working until the holiday seasons when other companies was giving employee gifts and raises we didn't get so much as a hartless is that?? management don't follow through when you have a concern, on site management was contacted a few times for a concern and still no response back no thank you from company and a lot of unhappy workers and no one would or scared to speak up in fear of losing their jobs

unethical management practices

I just started working for US Security Associates on the 9th day of January 2018. I Was scheduled to work from 12 am till 6 am when I showed up on the site I quickly realized the onside security had not been informed of my being onside for training. I was told by security that I could not stay and work that I needed to leave and call the office the next morning. Crazy as it may sound I was informed that I was at fault for not informing security office at that moment of the situation. With that being said no one is in the office at 11:30 at night therefore I was informed by the duty officer to call the office the next morning this was exactly what I did the very next day! Only to find that I was to blame for the lack of communication of which should have been addressed before I was ever put on the work schedule! Now I am being informed that due to their actions I am to work on my day off. This is unacceptable on all accounts officers should not be punished for managements lack of communication!

favoritism @hodgkins illinois u. s security branch 1 ups way

First on Wednesday Nov 29, 2017 My Co-worker (Which is Mexican )was called a wet back by another employee (which is African American) and was giving no write up, no warning or anything, later that night I was picking an item off the table by the table when a young lady stepped dead in my face and I told her she Almost got knocked out, yet I get wrote up and sent to another site by Burt Wilson . Secondly you have a male employee sending nudes around of himself and the manager Burt Wilson knows of it and that employee still at that site. Last but not least you have the Supervisors and Manager Burt Wilson calling employees derogatory names being very unprofessional, all under Burt Wilson watch

discrimination with people with a disability

I was hired back in February 2016 with my disability and almost 10 month passed the operations manager resigned from the US Security & Associates Inc for unknown reasons. and when they hired A new district manager I was told by the new district manager that US Security & Associates Inc Did not have proper accommodations for A disabled security officer / guard and I was removed from my post at Michael Kors. The new district manager then offered me A post at Rio Hondo College as A security officer / guard I except the post but the Captain in charge of Rio Hondo College Security decided that there was to much walking up hills and the post would be very diffcult for my disability so he offered me A shuttle driver job instead but I would still be A Us Security Officer / Guard so I excepted the shuttle driver post. The district manager Chan Means first told me when I would be starting and later when could not fined officer to work at Michael Kors he tried to place me back at Michael Kors. I then told him that I was starting the new post at Rio Hondo College and he said that the post at Rio hondo was closed. He tried firing me and that even backed fired on him. When I left I thought I left with A chance for rehire status. I guess that, s not true. The only way to clear this up would be to talk to the LABOR COMMISSION and file for DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION.

harassed/ favoritism and mistreated

I been work for US Security 4 months, I had put in 3 complaint and as well call the main office. I was harassed, mistreated, and was told I had no choice to do triples, etc. Then after doing my last week they transfer me, I was told they will transfer me before a person that been here long. I work that week 54 hrs they will not pay me, they are giving me the run around. I call the corporate office and as well they giving me the run around, first thing in the morning I will seek a lawyer. Now the Manhattan office is not answering but going to call me to continue with a schedule they gave.

company style of issuing work

I've asked probably at least 50 to 60 times to have Rachel Hubble or however you spell her name to add me to the movie screening list. It's been nearly 3 months and I work for them like 1 time a month plus I still don't get movie screening emails like everyone else. I've met one other black person in that company I think it's racial honestly. I'm always dead last to be asked about work they don't even offer me anything. And to top it all off; in the very beginning bill the field manager cursed me out over the phone in front of my wife and children about pay issues because he confused me on where was paying more and sent me to a location where I thought it was less not to mention he then discussed my confidential information to his wife and family making me out to be some type bad guy. This company has annoyed me so many times


Please be aware of working for US Security Associates. Just google them and look at all the complaints and law suits.
This is the absolute worst company to work for. Management steals from its own associates and their clients. The myrtle beach region is run by crooks who severely mistreat their associates. They do not pay for all hours worked or provide meal breaks at our location. Corporate allows this behavoir even when presented with the facts. The regional management team takes associates "out of pocket" company expenses and submits them on their own expense reports and then pockets the money themselves. They do not care about true work performance, only that you agree with them when they lie, cheat and steal from other associates and never testify against them or you will be next. They run everything by fear and intimidation and knowing myrtle beach is a hard place to find employment.

Unfair treatment

Well I have been work at US security for about 10 months then finally they said do you want to have full time I said yes. Then today the boss calls and says he gave it to someone else a guy. Not only do I feel mad about getting my hopes up but the fact that I feel like just because I'm a girl and Native American they gave it to the guy who has all ready been on 2nd shift who went to 3rd shift. I mean really why get people hopes up for full time then shot them down over the phone.

Another security guard danny

When Danny come in to work at 8pm at union Pacific he don't do his job he goes up to the the employees building start talking to a lady instead of doing his job. I been with this security guard company for 8 an half yrs if i did the things he does I will get wrote up or get fired. Thank u can u please have this taken care of if anyone can do it it's y'all

Inconsistency with deductions of salary

I work on a part time bases due to an offer I got on a full time bases with the City as an Engineer.

Due to my ability and several full time years with the security company, my security manager kept me in the system on a one day weekend bases.

I've being working for the one day weekend for the past 18 months, but the follow adjustments where made to my salary due to the small wage of a 8 hour week.

Insurance and Health was removed from my deductions due to the fact that It's already covered on my full time job (All required documents was submitted)

At one time 8Hrs @ $9.00 = $72.00 after deductions take home $48.00, after meeting at the office and all related documents was submitted my take home was about $65.00. that remained for about 3 months then all over again.

Lately additional deduction has been included e.g.. Union Fees of which I'm not a member of NO union, other fees included and tax deduction varies.

I observed it and point it out to my manager and company's secretary and to date nothing has done. In fact the deduction total just keep adding up as a summary on the right side and NO NO NO reimbursements made.

I also assist if there is a call out of any off my co workers over the week end where I can help, but the deduction is even more elaborate.

I'm a good hard working Employee and remained with the duty on principle but it isn't beneficial to me any more and it also interrupts my weekly weekend plan.

Need assistant to be reimburse and make deduction consistent.

Bad Employees

This has to be the worst security company in the USA. They will hire anyone. I mean anyone. I worked for this outfit for 3 years and I saw employees doing almost anything. Mainly sleeping. The last post I was at US employed a guard that was due off at 0500. But he would sleep in the parking lot until 0900 or so. The company employees seen this all the time and it became a big laugh. Another guard 81 years old could not walk the site. Why would you hire a man of this age that was unable to perform the job? And the lowest was a kid I trained last summer. His last job was a dishwasher at cracker barrel. When I met him and he told me I was to train him as he was walking toward me his right shoe soul came flying off. I duct taped it back on. His hair was greasy and he smelled of stale piss. His uniform was filthy. I had a falling out with management. And hers why. I retired after 27 years as a police officer. I complained about the unfit personal that was being hired. US fired me last month. Guess who replaced me? Yep. Piss boy. STAY AWAY from this company!!

Treatment of employees

I have worked for this company for a year I no longer work for this worthless place. I was in a car accident last year and I know have back problems I had doctor appointments and I had physical therapy to go too and the management started getting upset about me having to take time off or leave early but I needed to take care of myself so the site i was at got a new supervisor and at first it wasn't bad but I noticed he would work with every else appointments but when it came to me I would have to change it and I always got stuck working 12 hour shifts and never got paid for them in August I found out that I needed to have some injections done in my back and I told my supervisor and he said he was not sure he could find someone to cover my shift for the following Thursday so I could not cancel this I needed to get my injections so the night before my appointment I told him I would not be in and he tells me I'm sorry I could not find any one to cover your shift you need to come in I told him its eight at night I have no way of cancel then he threatens me with my job telling me I know what would happen if I don't call in so the next morning I told him I wouldn't be in and then its will don't come in Monday your being resigned. Worthless company to work for do not work for us security associates

Resolved Tried to get me to falsfy a document

First off do not work for the san jose the patrol supervisor tried to get me to falsefy a DAR and put other officers names on the dar that's a crime and prison time the company is missmanaged period they screw u out of hours and lie to u if u want to work for a company i would no work for this one u will be screwed the patrol dept cant even do over time they have lawsuit going for this issue and meal breaks


this account is hacked FYI

Unfairly Terminated

My husband has been working for this bootleg company for 4 years and was recently terminated for doing his job. My Husband was the shift supervisor for a apartment complex in Quincy, MA a big thing he does is tow cars that are parked in the wrong spots. Sadly people get very upset when they are towed and usually take it out on him. A woman called him a "[censored]g i**t" and every other name in the book. He commented to her that he was not a f**ing i***t and told her to have a good evening and walked away. He then reported this in his shift log and called the supervisor without receiving a call back. The woman called the on call management and told them my husband threaten her and dismissed her by walking away. Do you think he going to stand there while you scream and cuss at him. Anyway his supervisor shows up hours later and tell him he is suspended pending further investigation. 3 days later without a proper investigation they gave him the run around all day and then called at 2pm and said he was fired. This company is so assed backwards. He was never able to use his sick time or his vacation even though he accrued over 2, 000 hours of time. On his year anniversary they would give him 40hrs worth of the vacation in a back check. Like how dumb is that. This company has been sued like every other year. I would not recommend anyone work with them.