Ryanair / refunds

England, Surrey, United Kingdom
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I tried to change my routing and date for a flight I had just recently bought. It works out cheaper to buy a ticket from scratch on their website then change a booking which is completely consumer unfriendly as the rate is cheaper/same for the ticket I had already booked but they double up payment on the airline levies and webcheckin fees I haven't even used yet.. The airline call centre are completely unhelpful and read of a script that their tickets are non-refundable. Why is it that all major airlines at least refund your airline taxes? I'm sure that is illegal, that they should refund your taxes straight away if you cancel. They show on the website which part are taxes so at least a GBP50 refund is due to me. When trying to cancel a ticket on their website and trying to obtain a refund you are directed to a website which is even more of a time-waste and unhelpful.


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