Ryanair DAC (Airline)terms and conditions - article 10 - refunds / section 10.4

Tuesday 27 November 2018 - Ryanair Complaint - Appalling Customer Care

I am in a similar position, my husband booked Ryanair flights from Luton to Cork on 17/10/2018 for us to go stay with good friends for Christmas in Drimoleague for period 21-27/10/2018, and for 2 passengers the flights have cost us £489.62.

I experienced a very painful problem with my left shoulder so sought medical help. An MRI carried out on 22/10/2018 diagnosed a large tear to the Supraspinatus Tendon, so arranged a Consultation appointment on 23/10/2018 with a surgeon to discuss MRI outcome and any further requirement(s).

This ended up being surgery and took place Monday 05/11/2018. I was informed post surgery I would be in a lot of pain, important to take regular pain management medication as assists with the healing process. Further informed the rehabilitation process is slow and careful initially over first 3-month period.

My left Arm post surgery is in a sling both day and night for first 3 weeks, then to be reviewed and possible gradual sling use reduction. Passive Physiotherapy also to commence, so assisted physiotherapy, not me actually carrying out movements but therapist supporting left shoulder and arm with both hands and carrying out start of rehab movements process for me (my husband also has been instructed how to carry out passive therapy - he forgot as soon as he got home, so on second physio attendance he used video facility on my Samsung tablet to assist with getting movements correctly and positioning of his hands - if moves/positioning carried out incorrectly it hurts much, I know, as this has taken place after first instruction to memory!!!

After week 3 (which I am at today), my physio appointment tomorrow will possibly start me at the next stage and this will continue until completion of week 6, this all being well that I have progressed enough to do so.
I have been instructed via the surgeon that due to my illness I am not able to fly for minimum of 8 weeks - more so as I could undo all the good work he has carried out, I would be back at stage 1, in much pain too, along with surgery a second time around not being as easy and complications could come about.

The surgery involved being a section of bone removed from rotator vicinity, the torn tendon is reattached via means of medical gluing to a small plastic plate, the plate with tendon attached is placed/inserted within area where bone removed, 4 small plastic screws attach the plate to bone in rotator area, then medical cement is used for infill and to seal the plate firmly in place - the next part is up to me to do what I have been instructed to carry out/do rehab wise over the next 3 months, then further review.

Upon this taking place and I then knowing the circumstances ahead post op, I applied to Ryanair for a Refund for 1 passenger only, not for both of us booked on this trip. I completed the applicable online Ryanair Refund Form under Ryanair Terms & Conditions Article 10 - Refunds / Section 10.4 Serious Illness. Submitting with this Ryanair form all applicable documentation required by attaching files to Ryanair 'Browse' facility, some of documentation being Surgeon letter stating illness, surgery date, period unable to fly for and .along with all rehab documentation/schedule period involved.
I am in receipt of 'Standard' email only responses back from Ryanair Support Zen Desk!!! Currently I am now upon submitting my 7th email to Ryanair, it would seem that Ryanair possibly does not refund under any circumstances... even with T & C's in place!

The email I submitted last night to Ryanair, I have stated that I require the following information as a Customer:
1) Please supply the following in relation to Ryanair T & C Article 10 - Refunds / Section 10.4 as to how many official requests in total Ryanair has received from Customers over the past 5 years?
2) From the requested total outcome, please supply the total numbers of Ryanair Customers that have actually been in receipt of a full or partial 'Refund' reference Ryanair flights under applicable area/section specified?

I am still awaiting a response to my email request reference Refund data numbers only!
Ryanair has a legal obligation to keep this information for national taxation and internal claim purposes i.e. Ryanair actually making claim themselves for reimbursement of certain funds under their insurance cover.

I am actually disgusted at what Ryanair is allowed to get away with via Governments and all other Travel Parties which are in place to protect and support us Customers, the Public - we have rights as Customers/the Public, but it would seem Ryanair can get away with murder - they should be fined to the hilt and better still made to comply with Rules and Customer Human Rights - my current situation is totally out of my control and I have to abide by what has been set before me, otherwise I will be back where I started.

I currently have quite a bit of pain, movement is limited (this will become better with time, rehab and I doing what I have been told to do) - I am presently administering pain management relief of Tramadol and Paracetamol, both at the same time, again her hopefully only for a period of time until movement becomes better and is controlled.

Complaint Review advises that Ryanair have stated this lady cannot fly because she is in a sling - well bingo, so am I and have put in a claim the opposite way and guest what, Ryanair have changed their Terms & Conditions to suit them, not to pay out - it would seem a lot needs looking at reference their trading rules and Customers Legal Rights, of which they seem to have none with Ryanair - I hope this airline goes under, especially with Michael O'Leary's latest brain waves he's been thing of: to charge for using WC's in flight, for passengers to carry their own baggage to the plane, to charge for overweight passengers - the man is greedy.

One thing I do hope, is that Aer Lingus or BA can come up with some flight deals to compete with or be better than Ryanair, as these alternative airline services are far, far better than Ryanair's, they also have respect for Customers and it's not a "Cattle Market" situation for flights, along with Ryanair not actually carrying out what you pay for - we had an experience of this when we flew Ryanair for the first time 31/05/2017 from Stanstead to Cork, we paid for Priority Boarding, there was "no" Priority Boarding, there was one massive queue, people were pushing in left, right and centre - foreigners were queue jumping, there was constant last requests for passengers for flights about to depart, absolutely no organisation whatsoever.
My husband and I said we would never fly from Stanstead Airport again - we had plenty of time upon arrival at this airport, had planned breakfast Security side as we usually carry out in a leisurely way, but the queuing took most of our time, nearly 2 hours, we ended up rushing for takeaway food literally at the very last available prior to the main airport ramped walkway to the departure gate - after this latest situation I feel probably far better for us to pay that little bit extra and fly with Aer Lingus, we have used this airline many times since 2008 and their service has been very good.
As for Ryanair's customer service, well it is absolutely appalling and disgraceful - how do Ryanair get away with how they treat the public and much lack of respect they have for their customers, they are only where they are through Customers, but if they continue the way they are going, they are going to go under with one big bang!

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    Break their own Rules, Term and Conditions mean nothing to Ryanair, they have the most appalling Customer Service, Customers do not have Human Rights - how does Ryanair get away with and I thought Government departments and other Travel Protection Organisations are supposed to be in place to protect the Public, Customer Rights, not Ryanair most the time - disgraceful airline service - of the opinion would be better to pay that little bit more and fly AER LINGUS or BRITISH AIRWAYS, certainly have more respect for their customers and a far better service.

Nov 27, 2018

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