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This was my first time ever in a Rural King, normally I go to farm n fleet, But I have a garden and they had top soil for 1.19 for a 40 llb bag. So hey, that's a steal. I went in and at first couldnt find anything. nothing was labeled well at all. so I sent my sister to ask someone and they rudley told us that we had just walked past it. (well my bad I missed it) well we couldn't find the 1.19 one so we asked the same lady where it was and she said "oh, it's outside. you should have asked for that one in the first place." uh okay, my bad I figured they would all be in the same spot. well I went to check out and I asked the lady at the register if I needed to bring in the top soil or pay for it and go get it. and she told me "You pay for it first and WE get it, haven't you ever done this before" so I blew it off, whatever, She gave me my total and I handed her my card and she rudely snatched it out of my hand and said "It goes here!" as she slammed in down into the card machine. Then the guy met us out by the top soil and complained the whole time about how much we bought and that it was raining. like yes I get it it sucks but I was helping him put it in the truck and it IS his job. That was the worst shopping experience ever. Farm N Fleet forever!

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  • Nm
      3rd of Dec, 2012

    My husband and son went there (Rural King) in Shelbyville, Ky this weekend. They spent around $500 on fencing materials. When my hubby came home he was livid! He said there was a salesperson there that acted like a ### and ignored their needing help loading up the heavy husband cut his finger in the process. I don't know what to do at this point...the employee was lazy and negligent according to my son and hubbie...he asked me to get on-line and see about filing a complaint...this is what I've done so far. Any advice?

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  • Bi
      15th of Apr, 2013

    i was recently employed by the rural king in norwalk ohio as a loader i ennjoyed my job at first until my co workers started messing with me when i was trying to get stuff done so about 2 months into it i volunteer to go to nights which is 10~7 there so i do 2 nights then this new manager allan decides at about a quater till 7 that hes gonna change my schedule and put me back on days so then i have to come in and work 10~5 after i just got off at 7 i was pissed i like my job but i hate how my co workers are i feel i may blow and hurt one of these ppl one of these days if they dont stop their dumb ### what should i do?

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