Rural Kingmy paycheck is wrong!

I was told by a manager when I get paid I don't get paid for the two weeks I just worked but the two weeks beforehand. I had to leave for a king to do 24 hour care with my grandmother at home, I quit May 19th 2017 on a Thursday the Tuesday after I had got paid therefore from what I was told I should be getting another paycheck today June 5th 2017 I called in was told I will be getting $12 and some odd sense.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Martinsville, IN That doesn't make sense because before I get paid after I quit I had a total of 4 days which was 22 hours $8 an hour therefore multiply that before taxes that should be $176, yet somehow I'm only getting $12 and some odd sense. I would like I would like to get this situation figured out I have no job doing 24-hour care for my grandmother with no money therefore also no gas if I have to go to the store and get necessities then my grandmother needs no one else in my family will help me out. Rural King is my favorite store it always has been but for some reason I feel like I'm getting screwed over if you could please get back with me as soon as possible that would be great, good day.

Jun 05, 2018

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