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I have a very bad experience with Royal holiday club. We stayed at Royal park Cancun. The receptionist was friendly and duped us into attending a session with RHC rep. We attended and this rep gave us a very aggressive sales pitch on how we are paying alot for our trips, etc, etc. He asked for my credit card so that he can ask his boss to give us some fee gift. Being naive and thinking such a big resort can not trick us I gave my credit card. After looking closely at all the costs and charges we decided not to sign-up and left. On the last day, as I was checking out, they again asked us to come to RHC office where they informed us that they have already swiped my credit card for 6500 USD. We had made up our mind that we are not going to sign-up but they kept pushing and made me talk to all the supervisors and finally they offered me trail membership for 3500USD. Fearing that I wont get my money back and intimidated by this situation in addition to the fact that this was taking a long time and we had our flights back, I signed the trail contract.

After coming back I did a google search (which I should have done way before), I realized going though all the reviews that this a phony company and as stated in the contact cancelled the trail membership within 5 days.

Its been 4 months I have been asking for a refund. Each time when I call they hang up or tell me that I need to contact the Resort etc etc. So far I have not received my refund. This is turning out to be nightmare and it makes our decision not to sign-up for their full contact very correct.

I will be taking legal action if this is not resolved as I have been very patiently waiting for this refund but so far its all on deaf ears.

Feb 13, 2017
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  •   Jun 26, 2017

    Sorry to hear about your case, here I share some advice on how to avoid the scams and plan perfect vacations

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  • Na
      Aug 14, 2017

    Sorry to hear about your situation. Did you ever call you credit card company to report fraud to see if you could get the money back?

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