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Royal Holiday Club / problems getting cancellation!

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Many of us are not being allowed to cancel the contracts we were pressured into signing with Royal Holiday, or Royal Premier, other names used, Travel Experience. They lie about the ability to cancel, then are non responsive to attempts to cancel. This company is a nightmare.

A person who got a full refund and cancellation sent out the information that a person from Royal Holiday sent her. I have removed her name, and inserted Smith. This person was very successful, and because she put a posting on SqueakyWheel, and was very active in helping others they wanted to quiet her, so they gave her a refund of over $27,300.00 and as you can see a cancellation. She sent out the information so others could contact Theresa and have her do the same thing for them. As you can see, they did not like the nature of her complaint, since it included the location of the scam, Cozumel, the people who sold the contracts names, and she updated it when she got the refund to encourage others to fight to get their money back too. Her site is probably gone from SqueakyWheel, because their policy is to remove sites that are resolved, but she does not want her efforts and success to go without helping and encouraging as many as need it to fight for their rights and money. Use this information to contact the person who got "Mrs. Smith's" cancellation.

Dear Mrs. Smith;

Regarding your email I gladly inform you that in the next few days our Service Area will send you a Dissolution Agreement of your Royal Holiday contract. We want to thank you for providing us with comments related to your experiences while being part oh the club. We regret that you haven’t had a pleasant experience as the rest of our almost 60,000 members have.

As soon as you receive the Dissolution Agreement, we kindly request you to remove any current complaint or dispute against Royal Holiday Services or Personnel as well as publishing or communicate any negative comments by any formal media in the future.

Personal, I will take care of this matter; I request your patience and confidence that will be honoring our commitment.

Receive my most sincere regards,
Teresa Sandoval
Quality Assurance Supervisor
Royal Holiday
Corporate Offices Mexico


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A  31st of May, 2007 by 
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Amazing, they claim to have 60,000 happy members, I never saw one red banded person at Park Royal in Cozumel that was a member before that trip. I asked them all, because I wanted to see what they had done with the vacation plan. Now, don't you think that during spring break at least one of the red banded members (as opposed to the green banded non-members) would have been a returning member? No, they had just signed up during the past two to six days. So with 60,000 members, not any of them wanted to go to Park Royal Cozumel during spring break. That is odd. But all these unhappy members writing complaints are saying they could not get the vacations they wanted. I don't believe there are any really "happy" Royal Holiday members. Even the few accounts I have seen from members who actually got a vacation after days of trying, were not happy with the results. I suggest that people interview the members they see at the resorts and see how long they have been involved and see that seldom if ever you will see a person who has been a member for a while at one of these resorts using their points.
A  31st of May, 2007 by 
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I am one of their 60,000 UNHAPPY members. You have got it right, they don't book trips to these resorts for points, only cash. You can book a trip any time Online if you are paying cash.
A  26th of Jul, 2007 by 
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I never meet in my life so big liars as Royal-Holiday representative. The reason why their "fraud business" exist up to now is because they are hiding at Cayman Island. My husband and I signed "promissory note" to buy club membership only after I will get all information thru mail. Now they manipulated and continue to rob my account. Another bad experience I got from my credit card company AmEx acting on their side. I cannot stop monthly charges for "unexisting service" inspite of my writing request. AmEx motivated continuation of payments by my signature. We have to unite efforts of all deceived people to stop this fraud. I will appreciate any information of success fight with Royal-Holiday.
A  28th of Jul, 2007 by 
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Yes -- I definitely agree - we have initiated the cancellation of our contract - signed on July 16, 2007 under extreme pressure - we were told they were not going to let us leave the room until we signed! We were threatened etc when we called Royal and tried to cancel. We paid off the down payment $1407.00 on our credit card and closed the account. We will not send any more money - we scheduled our vacation through "BOOKIT" and were led to believe we needed to go talk to these people to get a better room ie... mold in room, a/c broke, strobe light in ceiling light - only light that worked, 1 working elevator in whole resort - my husband has bad knees! We did get a better room - 1 bed - had to have cots bought in for my 2 boys! Puke in the halls from drunk partiers, trash every where etc... We were definitely set up, taken advantage of, lied to and misled!
A  21st of Aug, 2007 by 
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We were told we had 300,000 points that we could use "at any time" without additional expense- NOT true: you must pay the monthly fee off the back end of the contract years. We have had problems trying to book any type of vacation, because none of these folks speak english and one even hung up on me. When we signed up in Cancun last year, my wife, who is a retired attorney, tried to cancel under the 10 day review clause, the next day. The guy who sold us the contract called her a "###ing ###" and told her to return to her room where she belonged!!! I had a fit and when I tried to approach this same guy the next day, he threatened to call the police and have us both arrested! My wife may be retired but she is still an attorney- these people are in for a rude awakening.
N  16th of Sep, 2007 by 
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Royal Holiday

Tengo un certificado de 4 dias y 3 noches el el hotel palmas del mar en P.R. y todavia no he recibido mi confirmacion del hotel yo hable con el Sr. Bernaldo Nieto el 31 de marzo de 2007. Agradecere me envien mi confirmacion del hotel lo antes posible.
muchas gracias
Lourdes Valentin Peraza

A  24th of Nov, 2007 by 
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My parents are going thru the same thing. I'm looking to fill a class action law suit against them. If you are interested, please email me back.
N  6th of Mar, 2017 by 
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@Steve Zak Have you gotten anywhere with this? I think my parents company is premier-holiday
A  5th of Feb, 2008 by 
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My parents are going through the same thing. Where do I even begin to help them? We have stopped payments but the credit card company says they can't guarantee anything. Please help?
A  12th of Feb, 2008 by 
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aftyer they take your money you have hard time trying to even get a reservation they say they give you 15000 points for joining then when you go to use them you find out you have to pay 445.00 to use them it,s all a fake if only i had of known
A  10th of Nov, 2008 by 
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We are having similar problems. Signed up this year at Puerto Vallarta Holiday Club meeting and were pressured to "upgrade" from Silver to gold. Had a vacation this year, a few days in Paris and in Rome and a cruise from Rome, the latter was NOT arranged by Royal Holiday at all. We are getting charged for points not needed since we still have lots of these and unrelated
charges. After a struggle they agreed to refund these wrong charges of $ 1, 820. I do not want to do anything until I get this back! I also received a $ 1, 000 check to be used among other things, for an upgrade. The check together with a cashier's Check for $ 8, 150 was lost (not cashed) i settled this with my bank but the $ 1, 000 is still disputed. We spent a lot and, reading this information, want "out" as soon as we got what we could. By the way, we are also dealing Teresa! Took some work to get this far.
A  31st of Aug, 2009 by 
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i went to cancoon mexico for a vacation with my husband on the 6th of april 2007.. we booked our trip two weeks before when we reached the airport there was noone to recieve us finally we reached a hotel named oasis cancoon. the next day mornong we were invited for a breakfast and tricked us and scammed us for signing a contract with royal hholiday. Eventhough the sales person told me that i can cancelll my membership any time i want without arefund after two weeks we were recieving calls from them to sign for a direct payment from my bank account . now we want to cancell our account . i hope someone can help me.
A  31st of Aug, 2009 by 
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i hope i can get out of this mess those people made
A  15th of Feb, 2010 by 
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We made the mistake of paying for our Bronze membership in full (because we don't like having bills, and have excellent credit). Now they will not cancel our useless membership w/Royal Holiday. If I had known how bad it was, I would not have paid it off, and would have preferred a bad mark on my credit and more money in my pocket! Contact me if you want to team up somehow fajfam@wildblue.net
N  6th of Sep, 2011 by 
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Plz let me know the procedures /refund so that I can collect my 300$. email me yusufimak@hotmail.com
N  11th of Feb, 2012 by 
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We sent Royal Holiday a letter saying we wanted to terminate our membership and receive a refund because we did the same, paid the vacation outright. Now the company wont respond to us or return our phone calls. We have contacted and lodged complaints with the BBB and FTC. And will wait to hear back from them. Meanwhile, we are posting on every forum possible and letting people know that ROYAL HOLIDAY is a total scam. They do not deliver what they say and are in breach of the contract!
A  16th of Sep, 2012 by 
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We joined their club 3 years ago but would like to cancel our membership. We find that we can get cheaper vacations on our own, without having to pay the $400 fee every year. Can someone tell us how to cancel the membership (even if we don't get all the money back). Mona Clark email: mona.clark@gmail.com
A  18th of Sep, 2012 by 
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Here is a letter that I sent out to many people, it's long but worth reading. I still need help in terminating my contract and getting my full refund.

My experiences with Royal Holiday have leaded me to know and believe that they are untrue to their words and have scammed many people. They lie, cheat and try every cushion to mislead potential buyers as well as the members that have already paid them a lot of money. Royal Holiday has not cheated just me; they have robbed many others trusting and naive people. If you google or yahoo "Royal Holiday complaints" you will know what I am talking about.

When I purchased Royal Holiday it was in the Dominican Republic and I was on vacation, I was unable to research the company. Once I returned home I immediately researched the company and found that they were an F rating on the BBB when I purchased the vacation club in 2010. They have since then tried to bring their rating up by cleaning up the contracts to corner the innocent people that fall for their lies on vacation. Even though they may be at A rating now they are no less untrustworthy and still incredible company. My presentation rep was Ms. Pena in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. At the presentation she pressured me to sign the contact and informed that I have up to 7 days to terminate my contract and get a full refund; if I changed my mind for any reason- No questions asked. The day after signing the contract; I returned back to Ms. Pena and informed her in person that I had changed my mind and wanted a full refund of $6, 430.00 that I had charged on my credit card and wanted to terminate my contract. She now informed me that she does not have the right to authorize such a large refund and that her manager would get back to me. I went back to her everyday and was now returning back to the US and that I should call their corporate office where the representative can contact a Manger to authorize termination of my contract. After returning to the US and researching the company; which was within 4 days of signing the contract I called Royal Holiday as Ms. Pena recommended to terminate my membership and spoke to Representative Angel. Angel informed me that I had no rights in terminating the contract and will be held accountable for anything I signed. He threatened that my credit would be ruined because I will be sent to collections, my salary will be garnished and I will be charged 30-40% interest. I became very afraid and scared of my credit being ruined and do not make a lot of money and need to keep up a good standard and character. I continued to do my due diligence and tried to find out how I can be relieved of this contract. I read that other members where mentioning that in the Dominican – we have up to 7 days to terminate our contacts, if we have changed our mind or are unsatisfied. According to the Article 56 of the Federal Consumer Protection law, I have up to 5 business days to cancel a signed contract. I requested a cancellation of my contract the very next day, in person with Ms. Pena.

1. I was not able to cancel my contract as I was informed I could (see above). 2. In the year 2011 they broke their part of a written agreement that my first year maintenance fee was supposed to be $365.00, but instead it was charged $380.00. I had called them they refused to credit me my own money of $15.00 and said that I was a liar and what I was saying was untrue. So, I decided to file with the BBB and now they concealed their robbery as a "system error" and credited me $15.00- I truly believe that I was credit back the $15 because I reported them. I know it is only $15 but they have already taken over 6, 000k of my hard earned money. 3. I decided on using the vacation club for the FIRST time in August 2012 (2 years after my purchase). I was made to use my Royal Holiday credits and have written proof that as a Royal Holiday VIP member; when booking vacations; my first 5 years would be without using any of my Royal Holiday Credits. On my first confirmation sheet they charged me $492.00 and I was made to use 10, 400 Royal Holiday credits and they changed my resort last minute on Aug. 9, 2012, two days before I was leaving. For the inconvenience I was informed by Reggie at Royal Holiday that I will be charged $390.00 and instead they STILL charged me $492.00. I was credited back the money from my credit card. Again, its only $102 but they have a tendency to do this often “in error”. Royal Holiday would not credit me the $102 but my credit card did after I had to file a dispute. I won the case and I also have documentation proof of this as well. 4. During my FIRST use of the vacation club, I had arrived at the resort Caribe Princess, in Punta Cana from Aug. 10-16, 2012 there was no one there from Royal Holiday to assist me or provide any services for me. At the resort many things happened. I got charged for a safe $20.00, which if I was what Royal Holiday calls "VIP" my safe should have been free like the people we had met that booked with someone else. Originally, the royal holiday affiliating hotel charged me $24.00 then someone came running after us to give us the $4.00 difference because it was only supposed to be $20.00, which is wrong of them and Royal Holiday. Everyday I had asked to speak with a Royal Holiday person and the front desk would say that the "vacation club concierge was not here". Royal Holiday said that this resort was a 4 star, which they told me when I purchased this I would only be in 5 star resorts, it seemed to me that it was more like a 3-31/2 star resort. Along with this, I was told by Ms. Pena that all their affiliating resorts have a royal holiday concierge representative there at all times if I ever needed anything/assistance. It was pouring there a few times and there was no umbrella in the room. We had to book restaurant reservations. To borrow a pen there was a problem everyone at the front desk only had one pen. We were supposed to get a beach front room instead we got a pool view room. There were ants in the room. We had to search all around for dinner reservations and excursions because where they sent us no one was ever there so we were running around all over the place arranging our own itinerary with out any assistance as promised for "VIP" service. There was no transportation provided. I kept calling Royal Holiday and no one got back to me, I kept getting the run around from them. People were rude there and there were no services so the services sucked. I never heard from their supervisor named Theresa like Reggie had said I would. Royal Holiday changed the resort last minute on me and didn't provide any accommodations for the inconvenience only one way transportation from the airport to the resort, but I had to find my way back from the resort to the airport. I asked for towels and never received them. My lock door battery needed to be changed and they said it would take 10 minutes, but instead it took an hour and I was late to my dinner reservation. On the first day I arrived there, there were no complimentary drinks or someone greeting us, which Royal Holiday says that there should be. First night I arrived I couldn't make dinner reservations so I went around to all the restaurants and told them it was my first night and I had just arrived if they could let us eat there and they said no just go to the buffet. We waited at the bar a long time to get a drink. Pool was dirty and beach was disgusting. I had a problem changing my beach towels for new one's they said only one per day. There was no security around the resort at night, which is not safe. The plates and forks and knives were dirty more than once. When it poured there was a leak in the ceiling and a puddle and no one came to clean it up, which was dangerous because I had to walk very slowly in my sandals so I would not slip. The bathroom in the lobby/front desk had no toilet paper and no paper towels at least THREE times that I used it. The water pressure was low and there was no hot water. In general it takes them a long time to do stuff, they are very SLOW. All these things that happened should not have taken place especially when I am paying a service fee of $380.00 a year or possibly more and I paid over $6, 000.00 for a five star luxurious and relaxing vacation club time share which was paid in full. I would like to reiterate that this was my first vacation since I purchased this 2 years ago.

I am OFFICALLY requesting royal holiday to provide a FULL REFUND of my $6, 430.00, in addition to terminating my contract immediately. I feel I have been lied to, misinformed, and cheated of my hard-earned money. I am very disgusted and aggravated with Royal Holiday. For my first time using this since I had purchased it in Aug. 2010 they promised to treat me like "VIP" and I should have gotten treated like "VIP". Instead I got over charged and lied to and robbed of $6, 430.00
I wanted to terminate my contract 2 years ago when I originally wanted to terminate it, but they lied to me, tricked me, and threatened me saying they would "come after me".

If I don't get this resolved I will continue to report this to not only the BBB, but also PROFECO, Attorney Generals Office, Federal Trade Commission, ARDA, Protection Agency, a Ministry of Tourism Affairs and media outlets.

I am looking to you for some assistance and resolve in resolving this unfair contract, which is a mirage and illusion to lure innocent, hardworking people, that are just looking to enjoy a pleasant vacation every once in awhile; instead we get a nightmare of problems with no resolve insight. I want out of this contact and I am requesting a full refund. Also, I would like to add I had sent Alex from Royal Holiday an email last week regarding this and there was no response. I also called him today, Thurs. SEPT. 13, 2012 and he never returned my phone call. Even after all this it just shows that this company will never change and they have trained their people to be without any morals and values and don't care about scamming anyone.
N  15th of May, 2017 by 
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@A Royally Screwed Nightmare have you received any feed back from places you reported to, the BBB, PROFECO etc.?
N  3rd of Oct, 2012 by 
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I dont know exactly (pretty much though by now :)) how 'RHC' is runned but my case only tells also so much about everything - and its not necessarily what its look like. For me it means organized fraud - a circle with many other 'businesses' in as well. A money circulation financial groups are very much involved also. And its about a nightmare with 'no resolve insight' as it seems to be to others as well. I was also very naive but not the only one. I just trusted people - my crime. I do wonder how come hardly no one seems to get any justice in this - how its possible nowadays in the world we are living in? If theres no other parties behind to run all this? 'Faceless men' with no identity?
N  24th of Mar, 2013 by 
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Theres no other business I know refuses to refund our money if we change our minds (cancellation period)... And theres no other business I know refuses to refund our money if they ('the company') violate the contract itself in every ways. And theres absolutely no other business Im aware so far (at least legal ones) which doesnt give any tools to resolve things between the client and the company, and which has to hide so badly all the information from us considering the company.

And after all this, its unbelivable how badly IFG protected RHC by banning me from the system... to be safe. A client with no rights.
N  24th of Mar, 2013 by 
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Im also aware that 'RHC' might look more 'normal business' to you guys than it does to me. For me theres nothing normal left. wonder also if theres normal business left behind all those financial partners in this :).

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