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Royal Holiday / please don't fall for the trap

1 Mexico Review updated:

In March 2007, I attended a Royal Holiday 90 minute presentation where I met with Art Martinez, the program director of the Cancun sales office set up in the Hyatt Cancun Caribe hotel. He gave us the option to sign up for a 30 year, 20,000 point per annum program for $20,000, but also gave us a 60 day window to cancel our 30 membership and keep the 5 year Unlimited package for the down payment I made of $5995. It has been over a month and I am still trying to get Art Martinez to resolve my issue. I have tape recorded conversations with him over the phone in which he confirms his promise to me that he would let me back out of the 30 year membership program if I canceled within 60 days.

Art Martinez even provided me with his email address and cell phone number, but he has never returned a phone call or an email. I have also tape recorded all my voicemails on his cell phone.

I have done exactly as he has told me. I sent him a cancellation letter at his request via Fedex. I have the Fedex tracking showing that he signed and received the letter. I have him on the phone confirming that he received the letter and was going to work with the Mexico City corporate office to make sure that everything would be corrected and that I would owe nothing additional and would be able to keep the Unlimited Package for 5 years for the down payment I made. He confirmed to me that "Carmen" was going to send the corporate headquarters instructions to correct my plan.

I spoke to Carmen in his office on May 10, 2007, who claims that what Art told me would never be allowed and she has never heard of such agreements being made. She didn't even know about my letter of cancellation, even though she is the one he said took care of everything.

I have also been in talks with my account rep at the corporate office, Migual Angel Juarez, who has been trying to help me, but says that Art Martinez has never contacted him.

Do not do business with these people. My next steps are to hand over all my recorded conversations to a lawyer. I have also written to:

Story Suggestions
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10020

I encourage others to do so, so we can gain support for this cause. I have send them the link to this website that shows the many complaints that exist for Royal Holiday.

I figure that this would be a great segment, especially since I have so much evidence against them. They love to play taped phone conversations on that show.

I am fed up with the lies and deception. I have over 20 phone calls recorded between myself and Royal Holiday, so you can see how much work I have been putting into this. Please don't fall for the trap. I am not even trying to get out of anything, I am trying to downgrade to the program that was given to me as an option in the very beginning.

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      11th of May, 2007
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    I don't understand why none of the news media have picked up on this in the U.S.A. I heard they did an expose on this in Canada. I also don't see how the credit card companies justify doing business with these companies that have a long history of selling contracts without providing services and under fraudulent means. The fact they lie and say there is "no reconsideration period" in their contracts is blatantly ILLEGAL!! I know I told Mastercard about the Mexican Law, I sent a copy of it with my fraud claim. Yet, Visa and MasterCard and others still do business with them. I was told if I put the full amount on my credit card they would give me over $2,000.00 off my thirty year premium plan, so it was around $27,000.00. They called my credit card company for me and waited for me to get an increase in my limit to do the deal. My credit card company should have told me there is an alert out against these types of contracts, do not sign until you investigate, research the company for complaints on the INTERNET. Instead, they gave me the increase, and never said a word. Now I know all the credit card companies have had fraud complaints because of Royal Holiday. I do not know why they are not responsible for protecting their card customers? Why don't the travel agents who book trips in the resorts where Royal Holiday have offices and are allowed to solicit business provide basic information about the history of this company, and the risks of signing long term contracts in a foreign country? We were in La La Land, on our dream vacation, not being scammers ourselves, never thinking people would lie to us to that extent. We are wiser now, but face it, BASICALLY HONEST, HARD WORKING, MORAL people don't think the way con artist do, and trust people. The businesses that are benefiting from our business with them should protect us.

  • Sa
      26th of May, 2007
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    This is an example of what can be done:

    I bought a package in Cozumel. When I decided to see what kinds of complaints might be on the Internet about your company, I put in Royal Holiday complaints in Yahoo and Google. When I saw what problems these people had I realized I did not want to be involved. I also saw that it is very important to move fast to get out. First, the lie on the contract, that there is no reconsideration period. The only reason to lie and to cover the Mexican law, is this is a fraud. The other thing, which I did have my financial advisor check out, your annuity is also fake. ABSOLUTELY FAKE!! The cost of the points and annual dues are not value, even IF you get a vacation booked, which I see is a big problem. So I was fortunate to get my money re-credited by your company to my credit card, which I have now cancelled completely, so you can not use that again. My concern is the fact your company destroys customers credit reports. This is why I need an official cancellation of the contract. If you write me and tell me you can do this for me, I will send you my number, for the contract. I read about the terrible HELL people are suffering because of the deception of the presentations and HIGH PRESSURE sales, and it is pure torture, human suffering. If you can really help them free themselves of this agony you are a good person. If you research and read the stories of these people, I am sure you will feel bad for them. Many of these have been going on for YEARS.

    Response from Royal Holiday Quality Assurance:

    Dear Mrs. Smith,

    Regarding your email I gladly inform you that in the next few days our Service Area will send you a Dissolution Agreement of your Royal Holiday contract.

    We want to thank you for providing us with comments related to your experiences while being part oh the club. We regret that you haven’t had a pleasant experience as the rest of our almost 60,000 members have.
    As soon as you receive the Dissolution Agreement, we kindly request you to remove any current complaint or dispute against Royal Holiday Services or Personnel as well as publishing or communicate any negative comments by any formal media in the future.

    Personal, I will take care of this matter; I request your patience and confidence that will be honoring our commitment.

    Receive my most sincere regards,
    Teresa Sandoval
    Quality Assurance Supervisor
    Royal Holiday
    Corporate Offices Mexico

    This person has been told not to continue to share her experience, so I have, with her permission, changed her name and posted this to let others know that this is not hopeless. Fight with everything you have and use the Internet to be heard and you too can get your contract cancelled and money back.

  • Je
      18th of Jun, 2007
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    I literally JUST returned from a week long vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico with my wife, and we made the mistake of even talking to these guys in the airport as we waited in line for our rental car.

    The guy seemed nice enough -- and it was only "90 minutes," right? How can this be bad? Since I am the happy owner of a Mariott Vacation Club deeded time share in Hawai'i, I thought it would be nice to hear about the other options available in case I wanted to buy another week.

    The next morning, we arrived for breakfast at Los Tules and spoke to a couple folks while we ate. Then a couple of very informed gentlemen began to talk to us about the club (both of which readily admitted owning Mariott Vacation Club properties and not Royal Holiday shares). At about 90 minutes, we stated our lack of interest in their "points-based" solution but thanked them for the enlightening presentation. -- Then, their tactics changed, and some shark rolled up and became argumentative and tried to get us to sell our MVC deeded time share -- which we had absolutely no interest in hearing about. He continued to be rude and argumentative and it got to the point that I insisted that he call over his supervisor. He insisted that he was the floor manager, and I insisted to talk to his supervisor. Finally, some shady-looking shark came over and asked what the problem was. Rude Shark became all smiles and explained that we were not letting him finish his "presentation" and I told Shady Shark that we had no intention to sell our timeshare to them and had no interest to do business with them. Shady Shark said to send over Javier and start the "exit process."

    Javier started to administer an "exit survey" which he filled out VERY slowly as though he was dragging his feet. He didn't even want to write down my comments about the presentation and Rude Shark -- I made sure that he wrote down my comments -- I doubt this survey made it out of that room, but it was a survey...

    Well, before long, Javier drops back into a sales mode like we had heard previously, only MUCH slower, and he stuttered as though he was new or mentally handicapped. Rude Shark dropped by a couple times to offer us drinks and offer Javier drinks. They found this amusing, but it only made me angry. I looked around for one of the first two gentlemen who were reasonable, but they were no longer on the sales floor, so my wife asked me to go find one of them. I got up and went back into the lobby: raising a ruckus and looking for help. Shady Shark came up and became VERY belligerent and I began to think there would be an altercation, and I was ready to leave. At this point, it had been over 2 hours, and my wife was determined to wait them out and not leave without our "incentives" just on principle.

    We were coaxed back to the table, where Javier began his painfully slow offer. We said, "No." Javier started another offer, and although we said, "No," he continued to fill out this offer at a pace that would make a snail blush. After that offer, he began his third offer. We said, "No" and he said he'd give us a few minutes to think about the offer and he got up and walked away. My wife and I took this opportunity to write down any contact information and any names that we could think of. Unfortunately, very few sharks were wearing name tags.

    When Javier came back, we told him "no" and he started a FOURTH offer. Rude Shark came over and recommended that he tell us about "deeds" that they had... I could tell that they were trying to wait US out -- on principle, so that they wouldn't have to honor their offer to us. We told them flat out that they would not get a single dollar from us, and Javier began on about how we could get a better deal if we had an International 01 or 02 credit rating and would we give him our credit card information: "NO!" how about our social security numbers? "HELL NO!!" That's right, he actually asked for credit card #s and our social security numbers!! Then, Javier got up and yet ANOTHER shark came over. This one was missing some teeth and talked as though he was drunk. He made little sense and after 10 minutes, Shady Shark finally came over and ended this awful treatment. He had been standing close by and finally realized he was wasting his time. A sucker wasn't born EVERY minute after all.

    Thankfully, we got out of there with our wallets and safety in tact. We were incredibly shaken, but the cruise that we got as an "incentive" was all the sweeter knowing it was on their peso.

    Lessons Learned:

    1) DO NOT even talk to these guys in the airport. We learned that starting in 2008, Mexican law is going to make it illegal for them even to approach you in the airports and on the streets.

    2) DO NOT attend a time-share sales meeting for a resort where you are not the guest. If you do, you will be a captive audience, and they tend not to treat you well if you're not a guest, and you have little available recourse. As a corollary, do not EVER allow them to arrange a car to pick you up. For you will be at their mercy as to when you leave. I've heard of people being there for upwards of 7 hours with this scenario.

    3) DO NOT buy from Royal Holiday. Use a well-known, reputable entity that does not undertake unfair business practices. If you're in the market for a time share, stay FAR away from Royal Holiday and instead investigate the options of the Marioitt Vacation Club.

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