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Ross Dress for Less / unprofessional/unfair customer service

1 Murrieta, CA, United States Review updated:

On Wednesday April 18, 2018 at the Ross store location at the Marietta Town center in Murrieta, California. I experienced another miserable shopping experience.
I have been a loyal customer since Ross opened business. I've always enjoyed the ease and joy of shopping at Ross. Unfortunately, customer service and store policies have taken a turn for the worse.
The Murrieta store, while in a nice safe area treats all customers as if we are criminals out to commit a crime. They have only one employee at the fitting room. There's a long line for customers to wait in (male and female) while the fitting room employee takes her time counting and separating each and every item of clothing entering and leaving the fitting room.
Additionally, any 2-piece sets that are purchased as 1-piece is counted as 2!. Then, there's an alarm tag on the 2-piece clothing set with them locked together. Which makes it next to impossible to try it on.
Frustrated and irritated, I just decided to take a chance on purchasing the items and hoping they fit at home.
Once I got through another long line to purchase items, I asked the register clerk if there was a suggestion box or manager for me to speak with. She replied " why, do you have a complaint? what is it?" I explained the situation to her and her response was " We have had theft and that's why we do that, but if you want to try on stuff... next time come up here first and we will take off the alarm tag."
I'm sorry, but why not just leave the tag off to begin with? Ross stores already have the fitting room police and the front door security for protection. All these new policies are doing is making customers feel unwelcome, frustrated and angry. None of us have extra time to wait in all these ridiculously long lines just to try on clothing! its not right and needs to be changed.
Ross is not saving money by these business practices. Ross is losing business and loyal faithful customers who have spent a lifetime of money on Ross.

Apr 19, 2018
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      28th of Apr, 2018
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    Poor customer attention and service from Jose he covers his badge to not allowing me to call him for his name and he refuse the service as consequence of reviving bad attitude from a lady on the fitting room this is what happens on me Friday 27th April 2018 10:10pm I get kicked out of the store as a customer when I get to a fitting room area I was trying to use a fitting room for a jeans to try it as they allows customers and the lady on the fitting room in bad attitude asking me why you no use a hanger you need the hanger and I told her cause it’s was that way when I pull it from the rack she give me a card #1 cause was the only piece they I want to try and after I use the fitting room she ask me only this and I tell her no I don’t want it and she said you have to put the hanger in bad attitude and I told her I’m a customer it’s not my job so she calls the security and a “ manager “ get back to the fitting room I meet him half way since I was ready to pay for a AAA battery pack that I found and I want to pay for but Jose the manager asking me to leave the store I asked him the reason for that and he said because you molested my employee and I told him I’m a customer and he said to me I don’t care leave now and I asking him again who’s the manager he said that was him and I took a picture from the board at the entrance for manager cell number and district manager and wasn’t his name on it well I took a video when I get kicked out in bad attitude from Jose manager of the Ross store by aburn and Capitol in San Jose CA when I leave the store I call one of the numbers for the manager and he answer me the call the number was under Martha Aguilar and Jose answered what a mess for me so I hang out the call and I call district manager to report this incident about been kicked out of the store and Friday night it’s late for that call but I leave a massage to David Anderson District Manager well I’m been using Ross stores for purchasing many times and this place it’s the only one with bad experience well I never spect to be harrased that way from two different employees at the same time the lady from fitting room refuse to give me her name but she wasn’t polite and unprofessional doing her job as customer attention and service got me I call 0 stars and get kicked from the manager Jose he refuse to give me his name but I seen his name on his badge well what a bad customer service from this two persons what an unprofessional service but hopping that you can ask your security guard I never been in bad mod I was asking what was the reason and Jose answer leave and we refused the service leave I have a video and I Happy to send it to the district manager or HR or whom may I conser please pay attention to employees might be hard job for them they can’t handle his job on customer service

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