Ross Dress for Less / unethical behaviour of store supervisor/associate

Milpitas, CA, United States

I went to ross store at milpitas ca on jan 20th with my mom. Mom liked one of the crockery set and she wanted to see the size of it. Since I have seen so many open box items there, I opened that and shown it to my mom. After a minute or so, one associate/supervisor name trina came and told me "you should not open the items like this. This will be difficult for us to sell it to next customer again." admitted my mistake and I replied "sorry, I didn't know about it. I opened this because I saw other open box items." then this associate trina said : "this is not a walmart store to open the boxes and see it". I didn't say anything but just moved on with my shopping. After couple of minutes I saw she was standing couple of aisles away and stared at myself,
To my mom and our cart. Again I ignored and went on. At last I was there any front for check out. Trina was at the checkout attending customers for checkout. When it was my turn, she did not wanted to attend me, she turned her back and did not called next person (which is myself). By that time another friendly associate next to trina called me and I did my checkout. I was in my ethnic dress. This is a complete discrimination and unethical behavior for a store associate/ (I don't know whether she is a store manager or supervisor). I was purchasing for a special function and spent 137 dollars on that day at ross. Walked out of the store with total disappointment.

Jan 21, 2019

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