Ross Dress for Lessthe staff and security guards didn't follow protocol when I was robbed in the fitting room.

E Nov 29, 2017

November 27th 2017 I went to the Ross in Hollywood. I selected 18 items at first I tried on eight of them I kept the items I was going to buy and then exchange them for the other six. After walking into my dressing room I set my purse down onto the little bench then I noticed one of the shirts were stripped so I took the shirt over to the lady who gave me the number and told her the shirt was ripped she asked me to go back and get her the number I went back got her the number went back to my dresser and proceeded to try clothes on tried on one shirt and then when I look down I noticed my purse was gone that was it within 3 minutes of the whole transaction I then went to the lady in the front and said someone stole my purse did you see anyone walk out she says no I don't think so and then I went back inside and I looked in every stall except for two that were still occupied and I didn't find my purse so she said she would call security I waited 10 minutes by the fitting room nobody came I was waiting I realized that the person was getting away, so I ran to the front where the security guard was and I let her know I said please help me please I need you to look at the cameras or look around someone needs to help me everyone just did their nobody did anything 5 minutes past she finally pulled out her computer and I said can you please call the police she handed me her phone and she started looking through the camera and how she was looking through the camera she told me to step back that I couldn't look because I'd get in trouble or she get in trouble so I ended up walking back to the fitting room looking around looking and every aisle searching asking around and nothing I came back to the fitting room talk to the girl there and said please try and remember if you saw something and she said she was so sorry I went to the security guard she said we're sorry we didn't find anything I said what do I do is she said I don't know I guess you could make a police report but there's really nothing we can do. I walked in that store with $450 cash my debit card my identification card my phone my makeup some perfumes so precious stones some jewelry my house keys and my favorite jacket all in my little purse that was a floppy purse that somebody must have put into their bag and escaped. I'm making this complaint because I was not help not one bit the only thing they did was look at the camera and there was no protocol whatsoever it was Shear chaos she could have done process of elimination and started asking me questions like did you see this person what did you see anybody what happened or in anything looking at the camera and then within 20 minutes told me she saw nothing and that wasn't there was nothing they could do there was no incident report they didn't give me a phone number they didn't ask me for a phone number in case anyone returned anything there was no customer service whatsoever I feel that if there had been someone in there actually doing their job because I reported it within 3 minutes my purse would have been found but the person that I was complaining was young maybe about 24 years old she didn't seem to have much experience with customer service or security her name was Hazel I'm sure she's only getting $10. Yesterday was such a painful awful day I walked out of Ross - everything I owned walking with nothing but the clothes on my back with no phone numbers to contact anybody and Ross did nothing nothing to come accommodate me they wouldn't even call the police I am appalled and I'm going to shout this at the highest mountain I've been a customer at Ross for so long and I have never been treated so wrongly by their staff and security there has to be some liability here.

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