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I have used the site extensively. The trick is to be a day or so ahead of the automatic bill pay by canceling it immediately before that time. For this, I recommend using PayPal to insure that your auto billing will be canceled as you wish.

Also, the site is the most terribly designed site in the world. When ever someone responds to your e-mail and vice versa, the site uses a sliding bar to navigate through the e-mails. You literally have to hold down your cursor over the bar and slide it down to navigate from one e-mail to the next. When you wish to delete old e-mail, you literally have to open up each and every e-mail and delete it one by one--tedious to say the least. The funny thing is that when using the sliding bar, one can scroll over each e-mail and there appears an "x", which leads one to believe that you can clearly delete this e-mail. No such logic, it is to archive the e-mail. Again, not logical at all.

As well, upon logging into the site, your e-mail indicator (an envelope at the top left of the page's site) indicates a substantive amount of e-mail. This is very deceptive, as this is a list of cumulative e-mails inclusive of those you send. Remember, it is so time consuming and tedious to delete e-mail. It has to be deleted by opening each e-mail and deleting it one by one.

When you receive a message from a subscriber, the site will send you an e-mail alert on your personal e-mail. This is a great idea--except clicking on the link takes you to the sending party's profile, not to the actual e-mail. Again, design fail.

One last bit of note, I will not blame the site for this, many will e-mail you requesting housing accommodations for far less than your requested amount. I don't know if this is because some subscribers don't read or assume you will like their picture enough to give away the room you are renting. Overall, I would not recommend this site. Good luck to anyone who uses it otherwise.

Jul 3, 2015

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