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MyTrip reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Apr 22, 2016. The latest review Flight cancelled and postponed wrongly - refund needed was posted on Feb 2, 2021. The latest complaint Flight cancelled and postponed wrongly - refund needed was resolved on Feb 02, 2021. MyTrip has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 24 reviews. MyTrip has resolved 1 complaints.

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MyTripFlight cancelled and postponed wrongly - refund needed

I have booked a flight with a connection in Madrid on February 1st with mytrip.com, and the airline was Iberia. In addition, I paid 25e to be able to have some flexibility with my tickets given the corona context.

A few days before the planned flight, the part of the traject from Amsterdam to Madrid was cancelled and then postponed to 3rd of February, while the Madrid-Dakar flight was maintained for February 1. I am going to Dakar for work, and really needed to be there on February 2nd.
Rebooking the first flight (Amsterdam-Madrid) for the 3rd of February did not make any sense since I still had to take my flight from Madrid to Dakar on the 1st. There was no good alternative allowing me to arrive in time and with enough time to change for the connection with Iberia, and I realized that the only way was for me to book another flight from Amsterdam to Madrid (with a different company) was to cancel the first part of the trip and maintain the second part (this was key as I had been granted a special and exceptional authorization from the Senegalese embassy to enter Dakar, and the authorization mentioned the exact flight number of Madrid to Dakar and the date).

However, mytrip.com did not provide me any support and after waiting hours and hours to reach them(the line usually cut in the middle of the waiting or I was redirected and had to wait >30mn), they told me to contact the airline. However, the airline instructed me several times that the process was for mytrip.com to contact the airline themselves. I was stuck in between two poor customer services, but in the end mytrip.com recognized that the process had changed and that it was their responsibility to contact the airline and ask for the permission of the first part of the flight to be cancelled (and refunded). After hours of complaining on the phone, they told me that they would contact Iberia themselves within 24h and get back to me to confirm that the first part of the flight was cancelled and that the second part was maintained. After 24 hours, I still had heard nothing back and decided to call mytrip.com again. They informed me that "they had not managed to reach out to the airline" which is very surprising given that I had managed to contact them several times on the same day. After insisting and explaining the whole story again, they accepted to try to call them and to call me back within the next hour. Again, I didn't hear anything back from them and had to reach out again. Again, they tried to push things on me/the airline after finally accepting to contact the airline themselves (I told them I would stay on the line in the meanwhile since I knew that they wouldn't stick to their promises). They finally told me that it was ok to cancel the first flight on the 3rd and maintain the second part of the flight on the 1st, but that I wouldn't be refunded?!!! This is really a case of abusive customer service, not to say fraudulent. I am very much intending to be compensated the 25e I had to pay to have a flexible flight (no proper alternative was available to go to Madrid - which is not so far from Amsterdam within 48h?!) AS WELL AS the price for the Amsterdam-Madrid flight. Also, given the time and energy spent with them, I am actually expecting an additional voucher as a commercial gesture. I hope that this request will find a better and faster response than their usual customer service.

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    PLease delete this

    MyTripMultiple Flight Changes and extra charges for reschedule

    On Nov 20 of 2020, I ordered a flight to Kiev Ukraine for February 19 of 2021. On Nov 29 of 2020 I received a notification stating that one of my flights was cancelled, so I contacted the Turkish Airlines and they said I had to contact MyTrip directly. I called MyTrip Support and I was on hold for 1 hour 30 mins and when they answered they told me that in order to reschedule I had to pay a fee of $30 which I paid and had my flight reschedule. A couple weeks after on December 16 other of my flights got cancelled and I contacted again and they said I had to pay $30. Not knowing what to do I said I would contact them later with a response and they said I could always contact the +[protected] to get the flight rescheduled, but I've been attempting to call with no response. I sent them an email and all I received was an automated response saying they would answer in order of priority. I want my money back!

    Multiple Flight Changes and extra charges for reschedule
    Multiple Flight Changes and extra charges for reschedule

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      MyTripCustomer service is non existent

      Due to South Australian government imposing a hard border closure, I am now unable to fly to SA from NSW.

      I booked my airfares with mytrip.com.au using both Virgin and Qantas, but as I booked through a "travel agent" and not directly the airlines will not talk with me about getting a credit.

      Their website has a phone number you can call to talk to customer service, however it doesn't work it just hangs up on you. So you get the chance to email them, but you just get an automated reply. With no further details to take an enquiry further.

      I get the feeling that mytrip is just a scam company, that supplies a money taking service.

      The worst thing is that airlines should not take bookings through a company like this, with the knowledge that is near impossible to get in contact with them.

      Almost $800 that I would love to see credited towards further travel in the future.

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        MyTripRidiculous cancellation assistance cost

        I booked flight with mytrip for an air asia flight. Air asia cancels the flight. Since booking was not through the airasia.com website I have to ask refund from mytrip.

        FIVE Emails to Mytrip go unanswered!

        Telephone assistence after waiting 40 minutes to get connected to an agent: Mytrip says they have to get approval from Air Asia first. They also tell me that in case of refund 30€ will be withhold for cancellation assistence.

        Ridiculous cancellation assistance cost

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          MyTripFlight tickets refund

          Hello Sir,
          I booked my flights on November 2019 for the following route.
          Flight #1 - From Tel Aviv, Israel to Seoul, Korea. (Fl. # KE 958)
          Flight #2 - From Seoul, Korea to Osaka, Japan. (Fl. # KE 721)
          Flight #3 - From Osaka, Japan to Seoul, Korea. (Fl. # KE 722)
          Flight #4 - From Seoul, Korea to Tel Aviv, Israel. (Fl. # KE 957)
          On February 2020, because of the COVID-19, I call mytrip office and cancel the flights.
          They told me that it will caused some fee, I agree and signed there E-mail.
          Till today, I received a general answer which tell about the Airlines company that have a big story with cancellation and it will take up to one year.
          I want to have a formal response from the Airlines (Korean Air) that my name is in the list and I will be refund until a certain date.
          Thank you and Best Regards
          Dr. Gabay Isahar. Cell. # +[protected]

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            Apr 02, 2020

            MyTrip — Flight cancellation / refund

            Dear team My Trip, Unfortunately I haven't received any cancellation emails about my flights on...

            MyTrip / e-TravelNo response

            Mytrip, gotogate do not respond to emails. I've been contacting them for weeks to get my refund on a cancelled trip, and no response. Phone number listed on their site goes unanswered.

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              MyTrip / e-Travelreservations

              I have made a reservation on 12/02/2019 for Mr. Lucien Pantoflet
              I have a booking # IXAMRV, and a order # L1B00W.
              I have been charged on my credit card usd 425.46 with Authorization code # 004726

              But I cannot find the reservation, the booking or anything. Reply is that this reservation does not exist.

              I would like to cancel everything and have my usd 525.46 back on my credit card!!!

              Thank you

              Ursulina S. Hernandez


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                MyTrip / e-Travelpayment made, no reservation

                I made the payment on November 6, 2019. for Warsaw-Chopin-New Delhi-Warsaw Chopin flight tickets. Departure from Poland on February 7, 2020, return on February 23, 2020. I paid via bank transfer via Mytrip, I only received confirmation of the transfer via email, after contacting the Ukrainian airlines it turned out that my booking had been canceled. Please clarify this matter, make a reservation or refund. Monika Turbacz

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                  MyTrip / e-Travelpayment not received (refund money kwd 75.970) more than 9 months

                  Regarding my ticket cancellation, travel agency Mytrip didn't refund my amount which is mentioned in the attachment.
                  Still, they are telling still Saudi airlines are not authorized my refund amount. they are waiting for your Airline company approval.

                  Please do me the needful ..which is I struggling with this agency for more than five months.

                  Thank for your kind action regarding.

                  payment not received (refund money kwd 75.970) more than 9 months
                  payment not received (refund money kwd 75.970) more than 9 months
                  payment not received (refund money kwd 75.970) more than 9 months
                  payment not received (refund money kwd 75.970) more than 9 months
                  payment not received (refund money kwd 75.970) more than 9 months

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                    MyTrip / e-Travelticket

                    I have booked the ticket from Beijing(China) to Manchester(UK) through skyscanner which directs me to Mytrip. I booked the ticket on 11 Sep 2019. My departure time from Beijing to Manchester is 12 Sep 2019 and my return time from Manchester to Beijing is 22 Sep 2019. I double check it for several time because I have lecture on Tuesday. That is 24 Sep 2019, and I can not miss it. However, when I check in at Manchester airport, I am told my flight ticket is on 22 Oct 2019. It is not possible. I call the MyTrip. It is Chinese number and the staff can not speak Chinese. It is funny. The female staff first says she can not understand my English. So I ask my friend a native speaker to speak to her. The lady still says she can not understand my friend's English. It is funny. When my friend says he is native speaker. The lady say she can understand now. But it takes about half hour to search their system and told my friend it has no flight on 22 Sep 2019. However, I check the website it still has a couple of airlines, such as hainan airlines. So I call again. The funny thing is another female staff pick up the phone and confirm my information again and says her password for system is expired. She needs at least 10 minutes to reset. After ten minutes, I call again. This time a man pick up the phone and ask me to check whether it still has airlines. When I say it has, the man say he is busy now.

                    So my question is the mytrip company is such a company, why skyscanner still direct me to this website? and when I choose the time, why mytrip changes my time and waste my money and time? Now I need skyscanner to push mytrip return back my money for my unused flight ticket, and also I will report this thing to relevant Chinese Administrative department.

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                      Aug 03, 2019

                      MytripUk.com — giving business to dodgy company mytrip uk.com scam me £2,100 and me and my kids and my family is suffering

                      Hi there I just want to raise a complain against mytrip uk.com company number is 02081444417they took deposit...

                      MyTripflight and ticket cancellation

                      I booked a return flight Bundaberg Australia to Buenis Aires Argentina on 9 February 2019 some 6 months ago. Flying 22 August returning 4 September. I have also booked non cancellable accommodation.
                      Advised this morning that Latam LA805 Santiago Chile to Melbourne had been cancelled and therefore the Agent has cancelled the whole ticket.
                      There are LATAM flights (LA 801 ) via Sydney (Departs 20 minutes earlier than LA805) and Qantas QF flight directly to Melbourne.
                      Both carriers are one world.
                      Booking codes KTNU2N; YFYTD; SATEYZ.
                      ETicket [protected]/45.
                      I've complained to MyTrip but received no response.
                      The current ticket prices are Aud$500 more. This doesn't include the list Interest or possible Hotel payments loss.

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                        MyTrip / e-Travelticket not cancelled on 16 april as requested

                        Hi there,

                        I contacted your offices three times on the 16th April regarding my booking: AWILJS
                        After several discussions with your customer support team, we arrived at a conclusion to cancel my flights as I did not possess a US visa as advised is required by the airline. I then instructed MyTrip to cancel these flights. The attendant confirmed cancellation and said it would take a few days before the cancellation is processed on the system, but it will clear. He indicated a cancellation fee due of approximately R4000 per person excluding taxes which he was still to confirm this amount and process. Today, I have however received a check in notification indicating that the flights were never cancelled as requested. I please need urgent advise of this as I was informed that I will have my refund within 2-8 weeks of the request. Your urgent attention and confirmation is appreciated.

                        Kind regards,


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                          MyTrip / e-Travelbooked onto flights we cannot get

                          We booked flights we Mytrip.com for 24th Sep from Kuala Lumpur to London.
                          A couple weeks later i recievd an email saying that there had been a change in itinerary and we needed to change our reservation via a link. I clicked on that link but it was invalid and it said that we couldnt do anything (this was on the same day as the email was recieved)
                          I checked on the airline website and it turns out our booking has been moved so the second flight we were booked on (its a two leg journey) actaually left before the first one arrived, so we werent able to get it. I tried to ring the Mytrip number and was just left on hold for ages, and as its an expensive premium number have bencharged a lot in cost calls. I then found a free number on the site, rang that and got through. This number actually isnt MyTrip number but rather a 'go-to-gate' number, who couldnt do anything to help me as its not the same company but a partener. I spoke to a supervisor who said he put in a request to Mytrip to contact me within 48 hours and they havent and i cant get through to anyone to change the booking to a flight we actually can get.
                          I'm worried they will charge me to change the flight if we can eventually get through to them even though its their fault that they have booked me and my friend onto a flight that is impossible for us to get.

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                            Jan 24, 2019

                            mytrip.com — extra charges

                            To whom it may concern: I Zamareh Nasrullah purchased a flexible ticket to Afghanistan with...

                            MyTrip / e-Travel — a ticket I bought which I have not gotten any mail.

                            My name is FRANK YAW BOAKYE. Please i bought a ticket from your office online on Monday morning, traveling...

                            MyTrip / e-Travel — flight booking complaint

                            I was trying to book a flight in your website yesterday after making payment I was charged and I did not see...

                            MyTrip / e-Travel — change of name

                            I booked three (3) return flights last month from Manama Bahrain to Skopje, the flight was paid for and I...

                            MyTrip / e-Travelflight booking

                            I booked a return flight last month from Manila to Barcelona, the flight was paid for and I received my etickets and I thought all was fine. I have heard nothing else about my flight until 3 days ago, which is 5 days before my flight, stating that my outbound flight is no longer valid because of an apparent flight schedule change at the time of booking which I was not notified about. Because of this they have given me 2 options of other flights (but they say they have given me 4) and both of which are in no way convintent or possible for me to catch. Their customer service is appalling and they are being very rude and very unhelpful and providing me with a lot of misinformation of which none of it makes any sense. I have my etickets for my flights and they are the wrong tickets because the return flight is invalid due to a schedule change (which I wasn't notified about) and I have received no more tickets or any contact from them informing me of any problems until today which is 5 days before I fly. They are refusing to cooperate with me and insisting they have given me 4 different options when in my email it clearly only shows 2 in the first one when they said they gave me 3 options and in a later email they have given me 3 options (2 of which are identical) and they have stated they have given me 4. It's very confusing and I have never in my lifetime of flying met such terrible service and a complete lack of professionalism. They are refusing to admit any fault what so ever and insist I have to choose one of the options given to me even though neither are possible for me. I need this matter to be resolved as soon as possible because I have a lot riding on these fights and have paid the extra to fly with Emirates because of that. I have spoken to Emirates directly who have confirmed that there was in fact no schedule change and that Mytrip incorrectly booked my flights with an invalid transit time, so therefore the fault lies with them and them alone. They have just taken 3 days to respond to my emails and I have been forced to accept a flight that is completely inconvenient for me and has caused me a great deal of stress and financial embarrassment. They are refusing to offer any compensation and say I must contact Emirates about this, they insist it is because of a flight schedule change although Emirates have confirmed this to be a lie and say they have no power over it due to it being booked through a 3rd party. So before I take legal action against Mytrip and report them and whoever else necessary to trading standards I would like to hear your opinion on this.

                            Kind Regards,

                            Stuart Foren

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                              • Updated by stuart foren · Mar 20, 2018

                                The worst service I have ever received in my life. I shall never be using them ever again and shall also be making sure my friends and family are warned off this terrible company.

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