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6:24 am
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MyTrip - Refund voucher promised but never received

E-Mail-Adresse: woody.c*******[email protected] Buchungsnummer: LEUJH7 Frankfurt - Kigali Fr. 26 Nov 2021 - Di. 17 Mai 2022 To the CEO of MyTrip Hi, I cancelled the return leg of my flight after I was informed by MyTrip that it was covered by my Cancellation Protection Extra insurance. This fact was reaffirmed on April, 23rd. I have a letter stating...

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3:45 pm

MyTrip - Refund

Hello My trip

My family is going to travel to Nice with you (and on to Corsica) on 19 June 2022, but now we have been informed that an amount for 4 pieces of hand luggage has been refunded – this is Booking no. R9FCMU (and R9KM7J).

After vainly calling you, I am writing this email in the hope that I can get an answer:How do we add 4 pieces of hand luggage to our flight June 19, 2022?


Kim Pagels

[email protected]

Hej My trip

Min familie skal 19. juni 2022 rejse til Nice med jer (og videre til Korsika) men nu har vi fået besked om, at et beløb for 4 stk. håndbagage er refunderet – det drejer sig om Booking no. R9FCMU (og R9KM7J).

Jeg har talt med Norwegian, som skal flyve os til Nice, men de siger, at de ikke kan gøre noget ved bagagen, og at vi skal hende os til Mytrip som rejsebureau.

Efter forgæves at ringe til jer, skriver jeg denne e-mail I håb om jeg kan få et svar:

Hvordan tilføjer vi 4 stk. håndbagage til vores flyrejse 19. juni 2022?

Mvh Kim Pagels

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10:04 am

MyTrip - Flight

After finishing my booking and inserting the payment details, I received the message that there was an error with payment and asking to start the booking again. The next day I received a duplicated booking, and paid twice. They reimbursed the amount of one the two reservations but retained a fee that was around 60% of the total reservation price. Throughout 3 months I already called around 5 times and sent e-mails to different addresses but never got a confirmation that they will refund the amount they owe to me.

Desired outcome: To be reimbursed

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4:05 am

MyTrip - Refund of flight ticket due to Covid

Ticket numbers : 0719463181171/70

Reference : RA0400227571 RA0400227572

Order No. : KZLMQM

The above tickets for my wife and myself were booked through MyTrip/UK on 26/09/2019 for return flights Harare/London/Harare via Ethiopian Airlines, to fly out on 4 April 2020, returning 12 May 2020.

Due to Covid restrictions placed on world wide travel, we were unable to take these flights and applied to Ethiopian Airlines for a full refund.

We understand from Ethiopian Airlines that a full refund has been made to MyTrip Agent (etraveligroup). To date we have not received this refund. Please could you investigate and advise urgently. This matter is now two years old which is unacceptable.

Mr and Mrs G B Hayter ([email protected])

Desired outcome: Full refund as soon as possible

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5:15 am

MyTrip - refund

I had return flights booked to Venice through My Trip and paid for 1 bag of hold luggage which it clearly states on my receipt. When I booked in online for my return journey it did not show my hold luggage but as i had written proof I wasn't worried. However on arriving at the airport Ryanair insisted that I had to pay (again) for my hold luggage and take it up with the company I booked with. I have had many calls and filled in 3 complaints form on their site and still have not received refund. I actually got through to someone on 1 phone call and they said they needed to see a receipt of what I had paid to Ryanair. Not a problem other than their site has no facility to attach a copy of receipt. I have asked for an email address - nothing! My flight was on 5th April 2022.

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10:27 am

MyTrip - Flight troubles

AC8936 flight from YQT

Then flight AC692 to YYT

Firstly 30 minutes delayed from the start

Waiting another 30 minutes upon arrival to taxi in

Then 30 minutes waiting at the luggage carousel to find out that all luggage was left in Toronto

We proceeded to the baggage services where there was 21 people ahead of me with no seats available to sit. Spend over 2 hours at St. John’s airport finally had to leave and go without my luggage

I am in congested Heart Failure and all my pills are in my luggage. Please understand the severity if I cannot have my medication for this medical condition. I cannot stress the urgency enough

Please contact me at 1 (709) 3514013

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7:46 am

MyTrip - Refund not being paid

Booking Ref: L7DRPK

After not being able to board our flight due to changes in the Covid regulations (May 2021), I have not received my flight refund.

After numerous calls - 1st being told that my refund is being processed (30 January 22) to then being told that my tickets are non-refundable (31 March 2022) despite the fact that the airline has already refunded my tickets to my.trip

They don't have a complaints line/mail - when you call your just being send around/ disconnected.

Desired outcome: I want/need my money back

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3:40 am

MyTrip - Refund 2 years ago

I would like to inform you that I booked this trip with you and the airline cancelled the flight .So I asked for refund .It ‘s very long time ago I haven’t yet got my refund. Would you please follow this matter for me.

I appreciate your kindly attention in this matter.

Thank you

Vira Vichityarnpol

Detail as follows


Date: Tue, Sep 10, 2019 at 1:08 PM

Subject: การยืนยัน หมายเลขสั่งซื้อ: KZ7240, ข้อมูลอ้างอิงการจอง: เที่ยวบิน: MNIRBA

To: Vira Vichityarnpol

Desired outcome: Get refund

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7:59 pm

MyTrip - Customer service is not reachable

I purchased flight from Seoul to Amsterdam on 3/25/2022 from After I purchased my flight from (LJLISW) I realized I need to make a change and tried to reach their customer service. I sent multiple emails, called their numbers, but no one answers them. I sent emails on 4/1 and 4/4, but no replies. I've been calling them every day but no one answers. I'm about to lose my tickets due to their lack of customer service.

Desired outcome: I need someone to respond to my emails and phone calls and help me to make changes to the flight

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MyTrip - Complaint

I have booked two return flight with this company in the last 4 months. On both occasions one the flights they booked me did not exist. I received no communication and when I turned up at the airport I was told these flight were change many weeks prior to my date of travel... I cold not get a response form the company for help and the airline told me I had booked through a third party so they could not assist me either.

I now have a another (previously purchased) flight to the usa and again the flight is a non existent flight. I spend one hour 40 minutes on the phone waiting for customer service to resolve this and I was speaking to a rude unhelpful person who after I tried to explain my needs hung up on me... I called back form another 2 hours with no answer.

In the past I have used this company but the service now is unacceptable and actually fraudulent... Selling flights that never existed for the past 2 years. (direct flight seattle to dublin).

Desired outcome: open and honest flight sales.acceptable customer service personnel to respond with understanding to the concerns /issues caused by their error.reschedule flight that meets the customers needs not Mytrip wants or a total refund immediately

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MyTrip - Change flight

Reservation number: LFZMC1

1. The company change the schedules of the flights

2. Mytrip gave some alternatives that didn't fit me, after calling and speaking with the Customer Service department we found some flights which schedule was OK:

Fri, 8 Apr

Departing: Madrid Barajas Airport (MAD) at 15:00

Sun, 10 Apr - Alitalia 58 - 2h 35m

Departing: Rome Leonardo Da Vinci Fiumicino Airport (FCO) at 18:25

3. Mytrip didn't proceed the request to ITA Airways although they said they would. There is an email confirming this.

4. Mytrip didn't find any alternative to the flights once the date approached.

5. Mytrip cancelled the flights and I can't go to rome.

Desired outcome: Refund of the whole value of the ticket + 30 euros changing fee + 30 euros cancelation fee

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4:35 pm

MyTrip - My vouchers were redeemed/exchanged/refunded by somebody else

I booked tickets...paid with my Mastercard credit card 522126***** on Jan 7 2020 the amount of R 36927. Flights were cancelled because of Covid. I asked and received vouchers from KLM. They have been exchanged/refunded but not by me. I paid for the tickets, how is that possible?

Voucher no 0741502510414/415 were exchanged for 0749466068134/136 and then refunded for SEK 11770.00.

I would like to know who got my money...can you supply me with a name...

I received this information from KLM and they said I should contact you as I bought the tickets through My Trip. Advise 46-8-52509920 ETRAVELI GROUP AB.

Can you please look into this and reply to me soonest...I really need my money back as I want to travel later this year.

Regards, Engelbertha Genang, flights booked L23GOB.

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5:52 am

MyTrip - Change flight

I'm trying to contact Costumere Service for the past week in order to change my booking. I have a Flexi tariff which I paied on propruse to gave the freedom to reschedule my trip. My outgoing trip is on Monday the 4th and I want to reschedule it for Sunday the 3rd. Please see picture attached for flight details.

I have been wiating on the phone for hours and nobody answers.

Any help would be much appriciated.


Desired outcome: I would like to change my ticket ASAP

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1:11 pm

MyTrip - Infant association

I booked the tickets for my family of six passengers, Its was by mistake my name was written wrong on the ticket, I contact the company couple of time , but they were not helpful in six passengers there are 3 children and 1 infant. 2 adults including me. My trip travel agency did not help me to amend the name in tickets I booked another ticket in the same flight in order to avoid the trouble for my family, now I am requesting them ( my trip travel agent) to associate the infant with mother so there will not be issue while we are traveling together.

again My trip agent is make excuses by saying to get advise from his supervisors for this simple help. I am waiting but no any reply from them.

Please if some can help me to get this trouble solved.

Many thanks

Desired outcome: Resolve the problem

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3:52 pm

MyTrip - Lost vouchers for EW Genang

I booked two flights in January 2020 Paid for them with my Mastercard. Flights were cancelled because of Covid. I received two vouchers from KLM.

KLM has informed me that my vouchers have been redeemed/refunded and gave me the following info.

Please contact your travel agency you made payment directly with to advise 46-8-52509920 ETRAVELIGROUP AB.

My booking No was DHAFYT order number L23GOB 7 Jan 2020 Cape Town to Raleigh USA.

074 9466068134 was exchanged with travel voucher 0741502510414 and refunded for SEK 11770.00 on 16/01/2021.

0749466068136 was exchanged with 0741502510415 and refunded for SEK 11770.00 on 16/01/2021.

I did not do any of these changes or redeeming/refunding. Please investigate this matter as soon as possible as I want to book a flight Cape Town/USA

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2:01 pm

MyTrip - Incorrect timing of the flight

Dear Sir and/or Madam,

On March 2nd, I booked a flight from Erbil to Istanbul on March 18th at 11 AM and got a confirmation email. Today when I got a reminder from MYtrip regarding the flight, I downloaded the ticket and it said March 18th at 20:30h not 11 AM which is what I originally booked.

I tried calling the airline, flyerbil, and they mentioned that the only flight on March 18th is at 20:30. Meanwhile, I booked it 2 weeks ago baed on a different timing. I tried calling the number on MYTRIP website to cancel the flight but the number is unavilable. I send two messages via contact us but got no reply and the flight is in 3 days. Therefore, I am kindly asking you to cancel the flight and fully refund me.

Thank you!

Desired outcome: Cancel the flight and full refund of the ticket.

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MyTrip - Cancelled flight

I am writing to you in desperation. We have booked our first flights back to the UK with MyTrip to see our family. We were informed that Etihad had cancelled some of the legs of our flights and we needed to rebook the flights.

Our order number is - LHJNTL

That was over 3 weeks ago and today I have had my 3rd chasing call with your company to find out what is happening. No one has contacted us to let us know that they haven’t been able to get new flights, and today we have been told the same thing again that we have to wait for the airline to authorise the change AND that we will have to pay a fare difference.

I have spoken to Etihad and they have informed me that they do not charge any additional monies to change a flight that has been cancelled by the airline.

Please can you look into this and help us to get the flights back to the UK. This is so stressful for us and we want to be reassured that we have flights asap.

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10:17 am

MyTrip - Im complaining about having to wait 2 years for a refund

I booked the following on 22 Dec 2019. To fly with TAP Airlines

Reservation No. L1RVKB

For 5 pensioners

From:- JZG8YW Malaga - Madeira - Funchal, travelling on 11th April 2020

Returning :- JZTCD2 Madeira - Funchal - Malaga travelling on 18th April 2020

I have been trying to get a refund since 16th March 2020 due to COVID

I think 2 years is long enough for this company to refund the amount of

2,667.99 euros to 5 pensioners who are in their 70's and 80's!

The only reply I get from MYTRIP in Feb 2022 is..."We request you to please allow us some time".

Desired outcome: Please refund as soon as possibleWe are pensioners

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10:10 am
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This review was chosen algorithmically as the most valued customer feedback.

MyTrip - Flight cancellation and rebooking

I had booked a flight from Lulea, Sweden to Düsseldorf, Germany on the 23rd of January 2022, booking number LFJ3OH. At first, mytrip sent me an e-mail, that the flight was canceled. When I called and tried to change to another flight, they made me pay the assistance fee of 30€ and said I needed to call again once I had paid, so that they can book me on...

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7:43 pm

MyTrip - Order cancellation by mytrip

I booked an expensive ticket today through mytrip. They took the money from my card and send me a booking confirmation number I was able to very on the airline website.
But a few hours later, I received a cowardly email telling me mytrip unilaterally cancelled the order owing to a "technical issue"...whatever the f* that means!
Then instead of returning my money immediately, email also states that mytrip is keeping my funds up to 5 days...why am I paying for their screw up?

Desired outcome: My funds returned immediately to enable to make other booking arrangement

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