RIU Santa Fesecurity

My husband and I arrive around 12pm on Sat April 22 2017. We were told our room wasn't ready so we went to eat and walk around. We came back after 2hrs and it still wasn't ready so we went to our suit case and got our bathing suits on. I put my phone in my jacket and put it in the suit case. A couple of hours later our room was ready so we went to our room and I found my phone was missing. I went to the front desk to ask if a phone was turned in and no. I went everyday to the desk 2 times a day and the manager just looked at me and said no. He didn't even go and look. He said he looked at the camera and didn't see anyone going in my suit case. Well how does he know which one was mine cause there was close to a 100 suit cases there that day. I had no way of getting a hold of my family and my phone was my camera. I lost all my pictures which meant the most to me on my phone. I talked to others staying there and they said they had staff use there products or take stuff. It is sickening to know this happens. Now I have to go and buy a new phone and start all over.
So my first time at a Riu was not good at all. Very upsetting and disappointed. This was the first time in 25yrs we got to go on a vacation by our self. I would like to give Riu another chance, so maybe a week stay for free would be nice.
Thank you for reading my complaint.
Dawn Seebauer

May 01, 2017

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