RIU Santa Fe / money stolen


This resort steals peoples money. They admit to stealing it and then they do nothing about it. I had money stolen from my locked safe. I went to lodge a complaint and was told nothing can be done. The staff was shady and sketchy. They work together to steal from the costumers. It is disgusting. How can you take someones hard earned money? How can a resort who houses many nationalities be allowed to steal from them? You may find this to be a common thing at the riu but think about it. If they can steal, they can kill and rape. What if I walked in on them stealing the money and was killed or assaulted? You think the stealing will stop? Never until something is done. So will someone have to die? I spoke to sonia and she directly told me she knew who took it but couldn't not get my money back. I will post on every website I can until I get reimbursed.

May 11, 2015

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