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RIU Palace Mexico / I will not rest until I get a response

1 Mexico

We have stayed at the Riu Palace Riviera Maya from 15 to 29 July 2009. We paid more than 12 000 euro's
for the package which includes the air fares from the Nehterlands to Cancun. We have 3 daughters aged 18, 15 and 13 and
therefore we booked two roos next to each other. Our eldest daughter has epilepsy so we needed to check on her on a regular basis.

We stayed in room 1033 and the girls in room 1034. The problems started fro day 1 when the key to room 1034 just did not work. I went to
the reception and told them and 4 hours later someone came to fix the lock as nothing was wrong with the cards. But the same problem happened
again and again every single day. I spent hours every day walking back and forth to the reception to get help. Calling them
did not help as they did not respond at all.

On Tuesday 21 July our eldest daughter came to our room at midnight because she did not feel well. When we wanted to return with her at 00:30,
we could again not get into th room. I went to the reception again and aksed for their help. The problem was that the person that
could get into the roos when the lock did not work was not there, so we could not get in. We knocked on the door for half an hour and only then
one of the girls that have been in the room woke up and opened the door. The reception told us that they could not fix the door and the only
possibility was that we packed all our stuff immediately and moved to two other rooms that were situated far worse than ours.
I refused that because I did not want to wake the youngest so I slept with the two girls with an open door. Needles to say that I have not
slept at all the entire night.

On 22 July we went on an excursion so they promised that it would be fixed. When we arrved back at 19:00 it was indeed fixed
but that night it broke again. I was furious because everytie I wnet to the front desk, I had to tell the entire story again to the person
at the desk. They could not find anything on the system about the situation at the room.

The next day I met with Anilu who is the manager. She said that she would try and get us better rooms as a compensation for the
problems that we had. She gave us two keys, one to a suite in which there were still people (1066) and one that smelled of smoke
(1065) which was exactly the same as those we were living in. I refused that. This all happened on 25 July. At 16:00 on this day
(a few hours ago) the lock broke again and they came again to fix it.

Apart fro all these problems, the airconditioning did not work on 21 and 22 July in room 1034 and the bath in room 1033 is still broken.

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