RIU Hotels & Resortsslip and fall in unsafe bathtub

We stayed in the Riu Sante Fe in Cabo on 5/1-5/6/17. This vacation was booked through Cheap Caribbean. Our room number was 2218

On the evening of 5/2 I stepped into the shower which had been turned on to warm up the water. I immediately slipped on the tub floor which did not have any protective grippers to prevent falls. I fell on my back hitting my head and re-injured my left rotator cuff. I was briefly unconscious but with the help of my wife was placed in bed for the remainder of the evening. We reported the incident to local management who did nothing for us.

As a result of the pain which persisted for the entire stay, we were not able to enjoy any of the amenities of the resort including the pool and only occasionally left our room. I took aspirin etc. for days but it did nothing for the shoulder pain.

Our anniversary trip was ruined all because a simple safety precaution had not been followed. I have included pictures of the tub. I am not sure if I will need surgery to repair my shoulder but am seeing a doctor as well as our attorney to discuss our options.

We have enjoyed Riu Resorts in the past and would like to continue to, however we feel we did not receive any value or enjoyment for our money from this vacation with you. We expect Riu Resorts to do the right thing here and we would love to try again to enjoy our anniversary with Riu. We think the only fair resolution would be for Riu to provide us with a replacement trip of comparable value to one of your resorts of our choosing. I would prefer not to escalate this to our attorney who will undoubtedly press for a more costly resolution.
Please notify me as soon as you can of your plans to resolve this issue as efficiently as possible for both of us.

Very sincerely, John G. Elliott, III CPA

RIU Hotels & Resorts

May 16, 2017

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