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RIU Hotels / riu class membership

1 Spain Review updated:

Do not join the riu class membership. We have stayed at the following riu locations - palace in punta cana, palace in mexico x 2, lapita in mexico, panama city, los cobos x 2 & recently had 80 guests in los cobos for a wedding. Joined the membership over a year ago, trying to get a password, over a year has gone by and at least twenty emails to their customer service department, to no avail. We were thinking of riu montego bay this april but I will not book at another vacation at a riu hotel, their head office customer service is very poor and even though I have loved the on site service, if they can afford to treat a customer this way, why give them any more business

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  • Lk
      29th of Feb, 2012
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    totally agree, just got back from a week at RIU TROPICAL BAY and would say.. DO NOT BOOK HERE agreed customer service is lacking severely with RIU hotels on a whole and we will not book them again nor recommend to anyone else.

    We travel every year and this was the first and last stay with any RIU hotel! there are so many other chains with actual customer service.

  • Co
      29th of Feb, 2012
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    I gave up on RIU 6 years ago.
    We were family of 18, everyone got ripped of by additional charges, front desk had rudest, nastiest &^%$ working there. They forgot to call for our ride to airport. We had to grab a cab. I wrote letters after letters to get refund... useless. As long as I can afford to go on vacation I will never spend a dime at RIU.

  • Ch
      23rd of Mar, 2012
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    i am having a problem with a riu hotel and a scam that is going on in this particular hotel but i cant find an email address for their head office in spain, does anyone have this?

  • Di
      12th of May, 2013
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    Must say I was very misunderstood by the quality, service and standards of the RIU resort chain in Varadero Cuba. Resort wasn't old but they had major plumbing and water issues. Room beds are very uncomfortable. Service is back...alot of kickback for $$ going on at the may be surprised by the proposition you are approached with.. Tour guides are all in it for kickbacks too with the interim stops along the way to Havana. Expectations of staff for tips was so obvious. Running out of white wine by 8pm every night at the main bar, come on!!! No wireless internet, only dial up and it costs 5 pesos for 30 minutes which actually takes 25 minutes to access the site you want and only enough time to write one text message...for a 5 Star, have to say it was over rated and only a 3 Star...too expensive for what was offered. Never will go back to RIU Varadero again...Food quality is a 2! Fish that you can't cut with a fork and knife as an example. So happy to be home!

  • Ha
      28th of Mar, 2018
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    @Disappointed in RIU standards in Cuba what do you expect??? This is a communist country that has managed to take a country that was #1 in latin america to the poorest! and has destroyed most of its treasured infrastructure. Get real, vacation elsewhere.

  • Av
      5th of Aug, 2013
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    We Was very disappointed by the customer service as well as the room service. During our stay at Riu we were visiting one of the fine restaurants called Kabuki. At the salad plate that my daughter was served was a big disgusting caterpillar. Crawling out of plate. After i address the issue to waiter he apologizes and just because i was there with my family i didn't want to ruin anyone's appetite and didn't make a huge deal out of it. After dinner was finished we desided to have a cofee. And what do you know, My daughter had an dead fly in it! Disgusting again! After that sheff came to appologies and everything but i didn't feel so good and desided to go in my room. Upstairs i was throwing up the whole nite just from being disgusted of the past dinner experience we had. When my sister-in law came up in my room to check on me, she propose that we would go downstairs and talk to someone about that. We had address the issue to customer relationship lady and explain her what happen. After we had a feeling that no one is cared i have decided to go back upstairs in my room. After a measurable night spended next to my toilet seat i discovered by next morning big rush going on all over my both legs. I have called again the same customer relationship lady downstairs to let her know. She was not there so i had to call a couple more times in a two hours period to get hold of her. After i let her know about my rush she suggested that i would see a doctor. Doctor arrived very quickly and actually was very nice. He said that it might be a scicologilas because of what happened night before. He gave me an antihistamine shot and left. For the next three days i couldn't eat anything nor go downstair to enjoy the pool or beach area as my legs were covered in a ugly rush! Vacation was ruined! out of 6 days that we were suppose to spend at Riu i had a half of it spend in my room! And after all the troubles that i went through we had received a Bottle of champagne and strawberries in my room with and apology note. I'll mention again that i couldn't even think of the food that time nor an alcoholic beverages! Besides, that bottle of champagne is free downstairs. Even if i want it i would get it myself from the buffet!
    We were traveling with a six people total and stay in two rooms. As of the result we would not recommend Riu to our friends nor family members as a great vacation to stay kind of place. Very, Very disappointing!
    Obviously Riu is just too big now to keep a track or provide a great training for the hotel employee.
    As of our room cleaning if you ask- it is terrible as well! I was in the room a couple of times during cleaning perform in there. The guy just simply pick up the used towels that we used from the floor and wipe the sink area counter tops and mirrors. Also no one had touched our Bathtub from day one. I know it for sure just because we used it on the second day of our stay there and after we drain it there was a line of sunscreen oil that i used before i took a bathtub. That line was there till the last day that we check out!
    We were looking forward for that vacation for 4 years as we can not afford it as often as we would like to. And now we felt that we shouldn't go and waste our money at The Riu as it was bad vacation! We do understand that unexpected stuff happened, But how it is taken care of in the end is make a huge difference! Especially if the hotel want to be called a "Five Star"
    You can feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have at [protected] or by calling in US(702)426-9900

  • Iv
      7th of Jul, 2018
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    Hi i have been a RIU member for a couple of years now and have a red card i have been to cacun and Jamaica twice and cape verde twice and Tenerife and not had any benefits u get with the card i get mails saying no points had no upgrades so what thw point in having a card ian in cape verde just now in the touareg and i am disappointed as rhis hotel is not the same class as the others i have been to .

  • Ta
      15th of Mar, 2019
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    Have traveled with RIU for many trips. The card literally does nothing. I fell in the Bahamas and broke my knee and punctured my lip on the dresser in they’re resort and unfortunately they are not responsible. Medical bills added up and my knee still gives me problems. What did they do, gave me points to travel next time. No resolution, no expenses paid, no reimbursement. They suck! Sadly I’m trying to upload pics and it won’t let me.

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