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Over the last 2 months, I made 2 purchases with Richard Ruzicka from facebook and from youtube where he posts his Hot Wheels for sale. Richard has a tendency to want to be paid immediately yet only wants to ship 5 days later. I was told by over a dozen members not to do business with him because he would go bipolar on me. I give everyone a chance and his proved true to the warnings.

Upon my interest in a 3rd purchase of multiple cars in the excess of 70$ firs two transactions totalling over 100$, Richard became irate, pushy and requested the money immediately and that he would only ship 5 days later on the following Monday. I informed him that I would pay him Sunday. He refused to hear of it, and demanded the payment be made that same day. Because the cars were still visible to the public, I then let him know that if the cars are still available on sunday, I would be interested to buy them. He informed me I had a 1.80$ credit from the last order paid by paypal, and that he would credit it towards the next purchase.

After I stayed firm on paying Sunday, he went completely ballistic, insulted me with profanity and started to further make up lies in his facebook and of course block me like the coward he is, so that I could not defend myself. He has further made libelous comments against me for everything that he caused. I intend on filing complaints with BBB in Omaha, and with other online orgnizations that defend buyers against fraud. I was warned by many people that Richard Ruzicka has a serious problem with communication and makes demands. I gave him a chance to be fair with me, and he screwed me out of 1.80$ I tried to get him to come clean with Paypal and send me the money and he posted a message on his facebook that he will not refund me.

Whatever business Richard Ruzicka has with others, has no bearing on any dealings that I do with him. If he cannot make compromise with a buyer, Richard should not be allowed to conduct business on the internet. Richard bypasses Paypals system by demanding that payment only be made using the pay friends and family feature only. As I am not too familiar with any recourse using this feature, I understand that with respect to Paypal he is not obligated to refund me, and I also understand that he has forcefully demanded. However, by state law, he has to refund me as he admitted in his own hand that he holds the funds in a credit resulting from a shipping overpayment. Not refunding me is considered theft and is punishable by state law.

Richard Ruzicka
Richard Ruzicka
Richard Ruzicka

Jun 16, 2017

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