Reservation Rewards / Accessed my checking account without my authorization or knowledge

United States

On [protected], WLI withdrew $10.00 out of my checking account without my knowledge. I do not know this company and I do not understand how they got my checking information and how they succeeded in making the transaction?

I have notified my banking institution and I have done research on the company, online, to find out who these people are. I notified them by email. They emailed me back and asked for my other email accounts and my mailing address so that they could find my membership of which I knew nothing about and I gave the information to them and told them not to ever try that again.

I have not gotten my money back. It is only $10.00 dollars but it is my $10.00 dollars. I wonder how many unsuspecting people have had their money stolen from their checking accounts on this day, 11-23-07?

I want to know how I can file a suit against this company and prevent them from doing this to anyone else?

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