Smart Games, Inc. Complaints & Reviews

Bbv Games / Unethical Business Practices

Oct 31, 2012

On 12/2017, I attempted to purchase a game controller on the site. I accepted an offer for free shipping which I found out unknowingly opted me into a recurring membership to the tune of $9.95/mo. The controller was never shipped due to being out of stock and the order wa...

Bbv Games / bogus monthly Visa charge

Apr 24, 2011

My complaint is very similar to those listed on this website. I ordered a Wii game at Christmas from this company for the grandsons, and have been paying a $9.95 fee to them on my monthly Visa bill ever since. I didn't connect that this was an illegitimate fee until today with the...

Bbv Games / Unauthorized Charges

Mar 16, 2011

I purchased a Wii game from this company online at a good price but when I got my Paypal bill they added two more charges on it totaling 10.95. When I phoned this company, I was told that I had signed up for a membership with them which I am certain I HAD NOT. The woman I talked to said...

Bbv Games / Unauthorized billing

Jan 29, 2011

This company has been billing me for this gamesite when I never signed up for it and never ordered anything from them. I did call them and they said they will submit a refund and cancel my account. I have no idea how they even got my debit card number to charge me in the first place.l