RentCollect Globalthey are very disrespectful and lied to me

Ok I had sent them proof that I dont owe the apartment compex a week ago the guy randy told me that he received it on monday an it was gonna be 5_7 days so I called back on thursday the lady told me that they just now received the email on thursday how its that possible so when talked. To superior which was jeff randy kevein garden er they all said they received it on monday so I ask have they got in touched with the apartment ppl they said no so I went up there my self an had them called rhem in front of me so when chelsea told them I dont owe them nothing I call back the women said that they didnt document it I ask why she said they didnt allow to how its that possible I randy got on the phone very disrespectful why an the things say so the lies they say very un called for they should not even have a company if they gonna mistreat ppl what would happen if the table turn on them in they was in our shoes they would fell the same way we fell cuz if I have to I would drive that one day an 14hrs that way to staighi done with my lawyer

Mar 13, 2016

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