istanbul, Italy

I have rented a car from the rental company. I would take the car at the Bergamo airport Italy.
I also made the payment 4 months ago for 10 days rental fee. They had 50% for the first reservation and also had the other 50% 1 week later from my credit card.

I checked the pickup hour as 12:00 on the website. Due to late flight and also baggage pickup I was at the rental car point at 14:10 which is 2 hours and 10 minutes. They told me that I can only be 2 hours late and they have given the car to somebody else 10 minutes ago. I told them that they do not have the rigth to do this because I paid the rental fee completely 4 moths ago. They never listened us and we left the rental office.

At the airport, I called the rental company many times and finally contacted a representative. They told me that he would be help and ould call me back. Of course, nobody called back. After this, we had to rent another car at the airport with double price of rental fee. We finally wrote everything to the rental company. They replied 10 days later as you can see in the attached email.

You may please read and think what ever you think.

This rental company is a liar, thief, cheater.

Aug 29, 2018

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