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Rene Isip's Toyota of Lewisville, TX / refused to adequately check seatbelt for safety

1 Lewisville, TX, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 888-350-8662

I was in a car wreck on February 20, 2009. My seat belt failed to work, causing me to slam in to the steering wheel with my chest. My car was towed directly to the body shop. I didnt receive my car back until March 10. I contacted Toyota of Lewisville, and asked how I report the seat belt failure, and I was given the phone number to call Toyota Corporate. I called the number given me, and it was to a pornography line. I called back and the same guy said he didnt do that on purpose and gave me another number. He didnt even apologize. I called the second number, and it was to some attorney. I called back and spoke to the Service Manager, and he said he would talk to that guy.

Toyota didnt call me back until April 1, 2009, stating that they were sorry they didnt call me sooner because they got a new computer system, and the had to learn it. I told her that reporting seat belt failure should have taken top priority, and then Donna Plocek of Gulfstates Toyota in Houston, stated they only had two techs in my area that could do a thoroughly check of my vehicle, but one of them died and they were short-handed. WHY IS THIS MY PROBLEM? I insisted that this be escallated, and Donna said she would could me back. I called again on April 8, and Donna left early that day. She called me back mid day on April 10, and stated that she told me to take my car to the nearest Toyota Dealer, which in this case, was Toyota of Lewisville. She is a blatant liar! She was only trying to cover her bases due to her lack of competence and brain function. I took my car to Toyota of Lewisville on April 10, at 8:00 am. They came and got me at 8:41 am, and stated they couldnt find anything wrong. HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY do a thorough check spending less than an hour on it? Where was this special Tech Donna told me about? The Service Manager had no clue who she was talking about.

Toyota of Lewisville TOTALLY BLEW ME OFF, and SO did Toyota... They treated me badly when I bought the used car there, and they still treat me badly. It must be something in the water piped to them, for there are many stupid people working there. THEY DONT CARE!!! Think TWICE Before doing ANY Business with Toyota of Lewisville. They even ripped off a 19 year old! HOW LOW can they go? Extremely from what I have experienced..

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  • Da
      31st of Oct, 2009
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    My wife got a quote on a car over the phone from one of their sales associates. After the offer was made, she took our baby twin girls to the bank to get a cashier's check, and we drove 45 minutes to get to the dealership.

    We show up, check in hand, and tell them exactly what we were told on the phone. They say, great, why don't you test drive the car before you buy it. And then, after my wife had driven the vehicle, they explain that they were NOT WILLING TO HONOR THE PRICE THEY OFFERED OVER THE PHONE!

    And then the sales manager proceeded to lie through his teeth, claiming the sales associate who made the offer "wasn't answering his phone". But the guy who made the offer was clearly in the building--we were told as such by other employees.

    This was a massively painful ordeal, shuttling our baby twins around to get a cashier's check and driving up to the dealership, and WE WASTED FOUR HOURS THAT I WISH WE COULD HAVE BACK.

    These people DON'T SEEM TO CARE AT ALL that they wasted our time.

    They don't care that what they're doing is UNETHICAL.


    These people have no shame, no scruples, and no dignity whatsoever.

  • Ro
      20th of Sep, 2010
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    These people are Con artist. Sold me a preowned 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with an electrical problem off the lot.The horn started going off without stoping while going down the HWY from Toyota of LEWISVILLE dealership.I had to pull over and pull the relay out.To make this short I bought the Jeep with roughly 25, ooo miles on it in 2008.Now its has 65, ooo miles on it in 2010.I have been keeping up with the services to the T and wash and wax the Jeep every week.You would think I was crazy.This jeep has been in the shop 8 times in almost two years for various electrical problems.No warranty left and now its in the shop again for a transmission problem 5, 000 miles after a transmission service and a reflash of my PCM/TCM.I had this Jeep die on me going 65 mph on I35 in the center lane with heavy vehicle congestion.I have two younger sons and a wife.If anything happened to my family I will have an IRAQ flash back.

  • Si
      11th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    Dear HADENOUGH...You seem to be a very unhappy person, and it's sad that you choose to use a public forum to talk trash about other people. Why not state YOUR name for the record in your posts? Are you SCARED the world will find out the truth about you and your illogical rants? Posting the names of people online just so you can trash them while you hide your own identity is cowardice to the extreme, and is reason enough for anyone with a working brain NOT to take your posts seriously.

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