Rehlat Online Servicesrefundable ticket scam

I travel regular with different organisations.

For a Thai friend without credit card, I purchased a refundable ticket. Since this was an unfamiliar destination I picked the first in the google searchlist: Rehlat who specializes in making travel difficult.

They booked a non-refundable ticket with Fly Dubai despite charging me for the full refundable ticket.

After a week of expensive telephone calls, website visits and emails, I decided to go to court, to teach them that customers demand fair practice and open policies rather than fraudulent practice.

I have no doubt this is deliberate, as most Thai people would not have the ability to sue and regain the money.

I can not down-vote them sufficient. There are much better organisations out there that are trust worthy and do not double the price of a flight.

Peter Nierop

I have the full email trail clearly stating the ticket to be refundable and their refusal to do so. I also phoned Fly Dubai and informed them. I have a screenshot describing the exact price difference.

Jan 21, 2017

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