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I emailed these people bc they took 108 dollars of overdraft fees out of my acct. and a so called supervisor called me and said there was nothing he could do and when I asked for a corporate number he said he didn't have it.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Arlington, TXIt's a waste of
Time reaching out to these people!
We just had -23 on our account for not even 24hrs from an unexpected auto payment and my husband went
Out to put 129.00 in our account to bring it back positive and they decided to charge us 108.00 in overdraft fees from pending transactions we made while our acct was positive. We have the receipt from when my husband put
The 123.00 In the accct and it stated we had an available balance of 105.00 now it's -2.00 since they stole 108.00 from us ! DO NOT BANK WITH THESE PEOPLE!

Feb 16, 2017
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      Apr 18, 2017

    I found out last week that someone changed the address of my Regions bank account to the address of someone I was trying to serve with a quiet title lawsuit. When I called Regions and told them I hadn't received my bank statements, they told me my address was not my address. Although I have been paying my mortgage with Regions, and they didn't quit mailing my mortgage bill, they changed my bank account information to that of someone I believe was fraudulently using my personal identification. When I called Regions, they assured me they had everything on video and down to the keystroke and they would let me know who did it. Regions will not discuss the matter any further so I believe they must have some liability or fraud done by / or aided by one of their employees. Now, due to this security breach, I must refinance my house. Regions is NOT "where the good is" like their commercials say; Regions is where the fraud is covered up by Regions employees.

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