Regions Financial Corporationre: spring hill branch tennessee

J Mar 07, 2017

I went to your Spring Hill Branch (Tennessee) beginning of March to talk with a representative about a home equity line of credit. I usually have a great experience with your bank but the woman that helped me (Miranda) was not very helpful at all. I was extremely disappointed after years of being a client with your bank. Miranda's interest in assisting me was very minimal and I felt terrible after leaving the branch. I actually have found 5 other banks that are interested in giving me the help I need and were grateful to have my business. This woman needs to be a lot more attentive to her clients needs and have some sort of skills in dealing with the public. Because of her horrible client service, I will most likely move my business to one of the many other banks available to me. I found that they were very willing and helpful in assisting me for funding.
Client service is extremely important for your business and one bad example can have an overwhelming out come. I really hope that you will take notice of who you are allowing to be the "face" of your business.

Thank you

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