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An account holder of a regions bank account wrote me a check for$ 15.00. I took the check to the branch it was drawn on. They wanted$ 5.00 to cash it. Think about this. A check is money-this chek is regions money.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Chattanooga, TNin order for me to exchange it with them they want to extort $5.00 from me. I did't cash the check. I wrote letters, I made phonecalls. Regions does "not" care. I eventually deposited the check in my bank. It was a good check. Just a bad bank.

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  • Bj
      Jul 14, 2009

    Region's Bank is absolutely the worst bank i have every dealt with.Just because the economy is in the shape it is don't give Region's
    Bank the right to cheat it's customer's that have beeen banking there
    for several years.I went in to try to get a small loan and was declined
    for a car but the bank manager told me i could probably get a large loan for a house.There is something very wrong with that picture!
    The other complaint's i have is that if you don't watchyour account's they will RIP you off if you are not paying attention .Region's Bank
    is made up of a cooporation of a bunch of crook's.That all i have to say.

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  • St
      Aug 12, 2009

    and your comment will be an aditional charge of five dollars lol lol lol

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  • Ha
      Oct 23, 2009

    REgions is a ripoff!!! Every other bank has created laws not to give overdraft fees to anything under $10.00, but I had a $1.08 to post and what do you know OVERDRAFT! What makes is soo bad, I put deposited $20.00 in the bank to cover the $1.00, but the next night they applied an overdraft fee!! What for when the $1.00 was covered!!! Stupid ### bank, someone needs to shut Regions down!! Don't use your debit card either, cause that's a even bigger way for them to rip us off!!!

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  • Ks
      Dec 01, 2009

    Regions Bank is the worst. I had to cancel my debit card because there was a fraudulent charge, so the associate I spoke with over the phone suggested that I order a new card. Two weeks later, I still don't have it. I called just now and it turns out, I have to go into a branch to order a new card. Well, that would've been nice to know about...oh, I don't know...two weeks ago?

    You would have thought that I'm the first person to get married. Whenever I ordered checks or a new card, they would list my maiden name. I had to go into an actual branch THREE times with my marriage certificate! I mean, come on. Another problem: I've filled out paperwork to have myself removed from an account FOUR times and yet, I'm still on the account.

    I haven't bounced a check or had any kind of over-draft fee with them ever. I'm a great customer; I never call them. I do all my banking online. I don't go to the branch because I have direct deposit. I never cause them any grief. I'm sick of being treated this way -- I'm forever DONE with Regions. I'm closing out everything I have with them. It's time to move on!

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  • Di
      Dec 21, 2011

    Regions Bank of Atlanta, Georgia
    Have had an account with Regions before they changed their name to Regions and because they now have changed their types of accounts available, my account was changed without notification to me. I had free checking and now am being charged a $10 "service" fee monthly. Once on the phone with customer service, they informed me that the $5 "service" fee "Basic Checking" account would better suit my needs. My question was why change it in the first place and second why put my account on what THEY chose rather than giving me the option...? They did not care to satisfy me, instead they stuck by their decision. So I will stick by mine- I WILL be changing banks. Not going to hold an account with a company that penalizes its old customers.

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