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Regions Bank / scam charges

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Regions Bank
This banking institution gives a new meaning to overdraft/they do not post cash depost made after 2:00 pm until the next night @midnight and automatic deposits post @ midnight only before anything pending might post before and overdraw your account. They are great. The best with this bank is their ATM kept 200.00 of my money so I went inside talk to branch manager and she said it would they would look at all records and camera at another office but it would be about 3 days before I could get my money. No arguing with this lady. Process of changing to credit union. Beware of this bank.


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N  28th of Jul, 2009 by 
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2 pm is probably the cut off time. Meaning... they've switched over to the next banking day. So, for example, while it's Monday, after 2pm, it's Tuesday for the banks. Yes, cash is immidiate; you can take money out through the atm, you can purchases... but, if you have anything posting that night, and you made a deposit to cover what's supposed to post that night, the cash isn't going to cover it. Why? It's next business day. Technically, you made the deposit as if you were coming in Tuesday morning and making the deposit. So, it won't post until that time at midnight. What gets really tricky with that... if the debit/credit card merchants aren't on the same business day. That's the part that really screws you over. Some merchants don't cut over at the same time.
But, that in itself, is another story.
N  12th of Aug, 2009 by 
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Not alone! right as we speak they have charged three overdraft fees that aren't warranted.
This isn't the first time either. Two weeks ago they gave me two that shouldnt have been applied to my account. A few months ago same thing. When I went to my local branch the manager exclaimed " we can credit your account, if, you fill out an application for visa overdraft protection". I recently read an article that explained that banks make as much money on overdraft fees from just ten percent of their customers as they do in all other transactions, but, unfair fees over and over? I'll lay and wait for the class action suit. Got my records and witnesses lol they actually pulled this in front of my wife who dosent even bank there lol
N  4th of Nov, 2010 by 
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I agree and am currently looking into starting a Class Action Lawsuit against Regions now... Regions accepts overdrawn items, not as a Courtesy to their customers as banks are supposed to, but as a way to ROB their customers and something has to be done about this. I understand rules, policies and procedures, but Regions rules, policies, and procedures are NOT consistant. I have received enough to know this with proof and plan to do something about it.

Its a fact that if I have NO pending transactions and have an item presented, regardless of how short I am, it will NOT get paid, however, if I have 10 transactions pendig, regardless of the amount that I am short for a new transaction that is presented, they WILL honor it with no problems!!! WHY... Because it Benefits REGIONS, not for the concern or decisions of their clents. This is NOT what Banking is designed for. Regions bank managers approving these transactions is Legal Theft and something has to be done about it. I will post additional information as I proceed with the suit. Please keep checking back! Thank you!

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