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Redbox / Constant Charging for DVD Returned

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I thought Redbox would be wonderful. WEll, i was wrong!!! Every time I check my bank account, there is another charge from those people. When I call them, they claim they did not authorize any charges and blame the bank. The bank says they do not take out charges unless they are told to, meaning Redbox. Now my bank wants to charge me $26 to stop payment on a $1.07 charge!!! or I can just cancel my credit card and start over. Well my husband's paycheck is direct deposit to that card and that would be very inconvenient. All of this headache for $1.07 constantly being charged on our card. NEVER AGAIN. Redbox is not worth it. Go on line to Netflix and that place is super. Never once had any problems with them.

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  27th of Jan, 2009
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I was sure that Redbox was going to be such a cheaper way to rent movies. I rent two different movies on separate times and then gave them to my daughter to return both times because she is out and about more than me. A few weeks later I am checking my bank statement and find two large charge one for $25. + and the other for $26. + it seems the machine didn't register when the movies were returned and so I was charged for purchasing the movies. I the charges were far more than I could have just purchased the movies them selves at Walmart etc. REDBOX IS A RIP OFF.

  23rd of Feb, 2009
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I agree that RedBox is painted red because they are trying to tell you this is the box from hell. I had been charged extra charges in the past when I used Redbx. Being a careful consumer, I thought this was just a mistake and did not rent movies from Redbox for some time. This past weekend I rented two movies. I returned the two movies before 6:00 PM the next day. I checked my debit account and found I had been charged another day for each movie. The bank statement said the movies had not been returned until 1:30 AM the next morning. I call that fraud and am going to take whatever steps are necessary to make sure it costs Redbox and McDonalds alot more than the few bucks they ripped me off for. DO NOT USE THIS MACHINE. IT WILL RIP YOU OFF.

  20th of Mar, 2009
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I also agree with Bad_Bob they do ripp you off... being that i just looked at my bank account online and it had charges for two movies when i rented only one movie and returned it before 7:00pm so i would think that they would not charge you again for the rental unless you return it after 9:00... also i have had this charge before but thought it was not right but just let it side. Now i see that they really are ripping people off, and specially in this economy i would think they would not do that...but oh well karma will get them...and again I DON'T THINK ANYONE SHOULD US THE REDBOX ANYMORE THEY TAKE THEIR MONY AND MORE!

  3rd of Apr, 2009
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Similar thing happened to me. First time useing Redbox. Rented a movie. Returned 3 days later. 3 weeks later a charge for $25 shows up on my back statement. STAY AWAY from Redbox it is not worth this headache!

  26th of Apr, 2009
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I have just had a similar incident happen. The stupid machine states that it was correct, I am a liar etc etc.

My story is. I rented 3 movies on the 20th. I returned them on the 21st. It says that I returned them on the 24th within seconds of each other. WELL for one, it doesn't take seconds to put a movie in, its almost a 2 min process to get one stupid movie back in the machine! SO, from here on out, I will not get movies from them, they can kiss my rear!
But anyhow, they charged me for 3 extra days for the 3 movies. I even used the free monday code. So it would have been 2.12. Well they raped me of 9.54. I am peeved. I told them to put me through to a supervisor, she was even more ignorant than the first lady. SO i told them I wanted put thru to the CEO of the company. Well of course they are not available!
Basically they are trying to tell me that I am a liar. Why would I spend almost 2 hrs between being on hold, arguing with the idiots and having a total conniption fit! I am usually calm cool and collected, but this was BS!

So I urge everyone to contact the BBB. and file a complaint along with contacting the Attorney generals office! I sure did!
I bet any money the "higher" ups do not call me tomorrow! IDIOTS

OH and as soon as I had seen that they were charging me for 3 extra days I emailed them. How wonderful that they have no copy of that email! Hmmmm, where does that all go? Up their rears?

  6th of Jul, 2009
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On June 26th, 51.45 was taking out of my account. The original fee of 2.15 was taken right before, and this one came the day after. This was for 2 dvds. It overdrafted my extra account, and I was stuck with fees. They have yet to refund anything, and was told it happened to a lot of people. Can you imagine how much they banked if it did happen to thousands of people, as they told us it did??? I have done everything, and my bank is telling me I am out that money. I am going to have to cancel my card, and get another issued, even after I have established so much with this one. Do not use redbox, be smart. If it looks to good to be true, it often is. Just think of this happening when you need your money the most? It sucks, and no one will help. Look up the reputation. They have a horrible reputation, and I don't understand how there isn't any consumer protection for us anymore. Now you know why the economy is so bad, everyone is afraid to purchase since no one protects the consumer anymore. Do NOT rent from these people.

  13th of Jul, 2009
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Redbox charge dme $18.00 for a dvd that was returned the next day so I called to complain and they refunded the money to my account... one month later they charged me AGAIN for the same movie! This time $25, overdrawing my bank account! Beware

  9th of Sep, 2009
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Me and my husband rented a few movies from them, returned them on time and a month later they took 26 dollars out, not to mention that they over drafted our abnk and we had to pay an extra 30 dollars. I was so pissed. I returned those movies the same day that I rented them. They told me on the phone that it must have been the redbox that didn't count it. WELL...hmmm.. tell me, How is that my fault that the machine doesn't work? Terrible customer service. The man on the phone treated me like I was lying, and that it was my fault. I got angry and yelled a little and he refused to talk to me. Well I guess they can just take your money and get away with it. TERRIBLE

  14th of Jan, 2010
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I'm so pissed off, they charged me for 3 movies that a I returned, $25.44 for each. That's why is so cheap, they rip you off.

  28th of May, 2010
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I got a red box movie and I turn it in the next day on time a week later they charge me like 3.25 and then the next week the same amount two weeks later I look at my account and there is a fee of 26 takein out. Never ever again I will go there and rent. I think we all should come together and take them to court and take them down. LOL red box never again

  18th of Aug, 2010
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Here's whats causing a lot of these problems: Someone is NEW to Redbox, they rent a movie and when they go to return it, they just walk up to the machine, Select Return, as soon as the screen pops up the insert their disk and immediately WALK AWAY from the machine.

Now, as soon as they walk away, the machine spits their disk back out because they inserted it backwards. Then someone else takes their disk and keeps it.

The problem is, people need to STAND THERE and MAKE SURE the machine accepts the disk back. You need to WAIT until you see a screen on the RedBox machine that says: Your DVD has been Successfully returned. Even then, WAIT about 2 seconds before you hit the CONTINUE button.

I have used Redbox for years and never had a problem BUT I've seen people using the RedBox machines make this mistake at least 20 times. They just walk up, hit return, push their disk in the slot and immediately walk away only to have the machine spit their disk back out after they have gone.

  8th of Oct, 2010
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I watch my DVD be return and it said successfully returned. Redbox charged me $52 dollars saying the DVD where not return and since I don't have an email saying they where returned I get nothing back. I will not rent from REDBOX ever again because of this. I would not even give the company 1 star.

  17th of Nov, 2010
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I rented 4 movies on 10/22 and returned them on 10/24. they charged me today a total of 102.72. After being on the phone and talking to 4 different people, all of whom treated me like I was a [censor] decided to refund me $40.00 only, because since their magical machine didnt show as being returned I must have stolen them or something. I will NEVER use them again and will strongly urge people to either use Netflix or just buy the damn movies... REDBOX should be ashamed of themselves... damn thieves

  12th of Mar, 2011
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I am so pissed!!! rented a movie and returned next day. 3# weeks later I see $25 charged on my account)!!! called customer service and they only returned $10. So basicly I gave them $15 for a movie a returned and don't have in my hands. And the lady kept saying "i'm not saying you're lying ma'am but I can only return $10" WTF!!! not renting anymore from red box for sure.

  21st of Mar, 2011
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It has been almost over a month since i rented from RedBox and now they are deducting money fom my account for a movie that I turned in like I said almost over a month ago this charge is out of nowhere and I am wondering why they can do this and how I can stop it!!

  1st of Apr, 2011
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same thing happened to me, rented one movie, returned it the next day (within the 24 hour window, and the following month $26 charge on my statement from Redbox.

I was wondering how they made money, Redbox =POS.

  27th of May, 2011
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yep, this totally happened to me too, about a year ago. i turned two movies in together a few weeks later i had barely 30 bucks and it almost over drafted me, then i wasnt getting paid again for a week, and had planned on coasting o nthe 30, but had to coats on 5, with two kids! fun! not to mention, i returned my two rentals at the same time, on time, always on time, and they were charging me for one, then when i called them, they are like, oh yeah, we see where you turned them both in, sorry about that- the machine must have had an error, i wonder how many ppl that happens to that might not even notice it, say a guy about to deploy who cant check his statement for 3 months (maybe a submariner) or maybe someone who is just not attentive to their charges... or maybe has a little more money than the average person, therefore might not study their bill like we broke ppl do and 25 $ being noticeable, but you know, i never did rent from them again, and i tell everyone not to as well, if they keep renting from them, saying (its never happened to me!) then they are stupid as hell, bc obv it didnt happen to me until it did, so they are not untouchable either, when soemone is sitting there telling you how many other ppl its happened to, and you let it happen to yourself, if your that dang stupid, you obv deserve it!

  24th of Nov, 2011
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  24th of Feb, 2014
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Same here, I won't be using Redbox again. They charged my card numerous times and they blamed the bank. They charged me today 2/24/2014 for a movie that I supposedly rented months ago. That's stupid because every time I'm charged anywhere else the money comes right out of my account so Redbox is full of Sh*t. I can't speak for anyone else but I won't be renting from them again. Plus the person that I spoke with was very rude. He had the nerve to say I was blaming them for a bank error.


  15th of Oct, 2015
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Idk I love redbox. Never had a problem with them before. And as to how they make money? They rent out the same DVD's thousands upon thousands of times to different customers. they really don't need to scam people, which is why they don't lol. Just do everything correctly and it'll be fine.

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