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Blockbuster Customer Service


Blockbuster LLC

PO Box 9040
United States - 80120

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 866 692 2789(By Mail or Online Purchases) 0 0
+1 800 406 6843(Store Membership) 0 0
+1 303 723 1000(Corporate Office) 0 0
Mon8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Tue8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Wed8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Thu8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Fri8:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Sun8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Blockbuster Complaints & Reviews

Blockbusters / penalties

Dwan Steyn on Nov 29, 2013

I was charged a penalty for a late return on 2 x DVD's. I had returned these rentals on my to work before the shop had opened. When I went to rent more movies I was told that they deducted units due to a late return. According to there system I had only return them at in the...

Blockbuster / dvd mail service - tv series

tkalasin on Mar 14, 2013

We recently switched from Netflix to Blockbuster DVD mail service. However, we've found a new problem with Blockbuster. We wanted to try viewing a new TV series. Blockbuster sent the first disk immediately. The second disk was listed as very high demand. So, Blockbuster sent disks 3...

Blockbuster / unauthorized charge on my credit card

Tee Taylor on Aug 1, 2012

I signed up for "Free" month-long trial. I returned DVDs to local store and then I cancelled at end of the free month. I received an email confirming the cancellation. Blockbuster didn't erase the movie queue they'd had me set up, and sent another DVD after the cancellation. I...

Blockbuster / blockbuster always out of stock and rude!

BazookaJames on Jul 27, 2012

I don't have time to write a long review of this terrible establishment since I am supposed to be babysitting my nephew, but I feel compelled to share my horrible experience when I made the mistake of entering this business earlier this evening. I arrived to rent a movie with my...

Blockbuster / late fees

Denise Kirkley on Oct 3, 2011

Copy of what I sent Blockbuster--------->Hello, I have been a Blockbuster member for over 13 years, and I have hung in there through all the changes but, I can no longer be a member or customer for two reasons, (1) I am disabled and on a limited income and when I went into Blockbuster...

Blockbuster Mooresville Indiana / defective products

chcrow on Feb 27, 2011

I purchased 6 movies & found one of them was defective. When I asked to exchange the defective one for a working copy, I was told, "Sorry, all sales are final". When I contacted Blockbuster Customer Care, I was told the same thing. So, once again, corporate America STEALS from the working man/woman.

Blockbuster / store full of rude employees


Every time someone in my family or I enter this store, the employees are ridiculously rude. They refused to let me used my husbands card to rent on the grounds that I "might be lying." We have the same, very distinctive, last name. They would not let my seventee year old daughter, who goe...

Blockbuster / shady business practices

I have had sevral problems with these tricksters. At the current time it is IMPOSSIBLE to contact a customer service Rep for The Blockbuster Online. The form they post on their website will not submit due to "error on page". I have tried to access the form from5 different computers. Their...

Blockbuster Video, Store#90561 / poor customer service

I took my son to purchase new movies for our collection, like we do bi-monthly all of the time. I thought it was odd that after 40 min of shopping, not one employee asked if we had any questions with choosing our selection.I unconsciously blamed it on my sweatpants, anyway i proceed to... / unauthorized debit charges

Several months ago I noticed an unauthorized charge on my account from - I am a library user. Why would I RENT movies when I can get them for FREE at my library? I have never been a customer with them, and don't plan to. So I disputed the charges, and got a refund. To...

Blockbusters / steal from customers by fine prints


I was forced to buy my rental DVDs. When they were making me to be member everything was smooth and easy. If I am late they would charge me the cost of DVD and refund it when I bring it back. When I was late more than a certain time (it was fine print and they never mentioned earlier) they...

Blockbuster On Demand Services / 2 wire media point player

I first want to say stay away from Purchasing Blockbuster's 2 Wire Media point Player ..Its absolutley been the worst experenced, and it just got worse..ok first i odered the product on 11-14-2009 and then i tryed to cancel it on November 15th 2009 and online status, it was not...

Blockbuster Video / scam artists


I rented a movie. Returned it a day early..Got a late fee charge in mail a couple days later. Went straight to the store and talk to assistant manager.. Who found the movie and said it had been rented to someone else since I had returned it. She told me the boy who rented to me had been...

Blockbuster / mistakenly charged my card

I have been a loyal customer for Blockbuster for a good 6 years now. I always bring my movies back on time and always make sure if I don't, I pay them right away. I also have their rewards program that you have to pay extra for, and I've had this since I have been a...

Blockbuster Video / manger wont' rent movies - can't work computer system

I went today to rent a movie at store # 92457 at 2616 S. Voss, Houston TX 77057. I have rented several movies there before. On a previous receipt I have from renting movies on 08/04/09 it has a customer # and my name is listed on the receipt just as it is on my drivers license.I rented...

Blockbuster Video / late fee

I have been renting videos and games from Blockbusters for years. Oddly, I have noticed they consistently tell me that I owe late fees. The last time that I rented a movie, I turned the movie in four hours before it was due. This evening, I went in to rent a game and sure enough, they told...

Blockbuster / employee loses dvd, makes me pay for it.


I've been renting from this particular Blockbuster location for at least two years, and I have always been a good customer. I rented movies often, and if I ever had late fees I always paid them off by my next visit to the store. I have never lost a DVD, ever, but I've had...

Blockbuster Video / fraud


Blockbuster has brought back the late fee. Instead of calling them late fees they call them restocking fees and still advertise no late fees. Sounds like fraud to me.

Blockbuster Video / bad customer service

I rented 3 movies from Blockbuster Video in Rita Ranch, Tucson, AZ. This was my first time so I had to give my credit card number to open an account...I had a bad feeling and should have walked away. Anyway, I opened the account and rented 3 movies. It was a Monday (I believe June 29, 09...

Blockbuster Video / fraud and cheating


I have been a loyal Blockbuster Video customer since 1987 but this past Friday I handed in my Blockbuster Rewards Membership card and told them I do not need to pay for my own extortion. I was told that I could no longer exercise my membership privledges until I surrendered a credit card...