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Planet DVD Store Complaints & Reviews

Planet DVD Store / false information


Planet DVD StoreI ordered Punky Brewster - The Complete TV Series on DVD 624 from the Planet DVDs website ( When I received the DVDs and realized that they are copied from the TV, and have horrible picture and sound quality, even though the website states: “Excellent video...

Planet DVD Store / fraud


BE AWARE, this scam artist also operates under the name: and has links on ebay, Amazon, Shopzilla to name a few.

Planet DVD Store / planet dvd store


I had been searching for “The complete series” of third watch for a long time. However all I was ever able to find were seasons 1 and 2 (apparently that’s all that is out at the moment) when I came a crossed I got pretty ecstatic because they said they...

Planet DVD Store / bad dvd's


My husband and I received the little house on the prairie cd’s. We were very happy until we tried to view disc 1, it had still motion several times and wouldn’t play, so we thought it was our new dvd player and tried it in our old dvd player and it was a little better, and then...

Planet DVD Store / false advertising/poor quality


Everything about this planet dvd store (.com) website looks legitimite. The pictures, the descriptions, etc. Look fine and looks like you are ordering from some website based in the western world. Surprise! You get a box from china with very cheap vhs boxes inside filled with cheap dvd...

Planet DVD Store / refund policy


My credit card company gave me a phone # for planet dvd [protected]). It rings & rings — finally goes to a v/m which says they are closed & do not accept messages. I submitted a complaint to the better business bureau, here's the message I rcvd. This message is in regard to your complaint...

Best DVD Series / Planet DVD Store / paid for the dvds have not received them


Order some dvds on line from, In their ad, they said would ship right away. It has been over 2 weeks, the money was taken out on the 6th of July, paid by debit card. I e-mail the company, I have received no responce. There is not phone number, or address where I can reach them.

Planet DVD Store / DVDs / poor quality, poor service, video piracy


Like many others, my wife and I made the mistake of ordering hard-to-find DVDs from Planet DVD Store. The disks are poor in quality and performance, and service is nonexistent. They don't answer emails at all, and they give no telephone number or mailing address. Moreover, the DVD...

Planet DVD Store Phone Number / bootleg dvd's and fraud


I ordered 14 seasons of knots landing. Found out after I ordered them that only two seasons have officialy been released!!! I re-ordered under a fake bank card... Entered my bank card number... Just changed the security code. They called me right back. I let them leave a message!!! They...

Planet DVD Store / hart to hart - the complete tv series on dvd


I orderd hart to hart - the complete tv series on dvd. All I got was a box with 24 dvd's from china whith copies wich I should have better made on my own... I wrote mail after mail and after a commend at a rating-site I got a mail... "please keep in mind an official dvd collection ha...

Planet DVD Store / pirated dvds


Do not order from this company! The orders come from china. All of the dvds are pirated. I ordered the complete third watch set and received the order approximately 30 days later, after I was sent an email stating that I would receive them in 9-12 days. The first few discs worked, but...

Planet DVD Store / cheaply made pirated copied dvds


Everyone needs to report this. Let's get the attention of Law Enforcement. It would be of more interests if we all make a lot reports instead of just complaining. Let take action. You can file on line complaints to: 1) The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). They are in...

Planet DVD Store / fraudlent sale of pirated tapes


This is what gets their attention: Repeated emails sent one after the other. Change the subject matter and erase forwarding information on each email if you forward. This causes them to have to work. Anyway, I placed three orders. My wife discovered they were crooks selling pirated dvd...

Planet DVD Store / misrepresentation of product


It always takes longer to ship to Alaska, so 3 days after the quoted 14 days I emailed the company requesting a tracking number. I email them the next day and again the day after that. I check my C.C. statement and the Company received their payment the same day I had placed my order. I...

Planet DVD Store / ripoff — defective dvds and no customer service


These people sell pirated dvd's and dvd's recoreded from television. I bought the complete 20 years of Gunsmoke collection, and so far out of 20 dvds I have played, 3 will not play at all, and several more have unplayable episodes. I have tried to contact them by email three...

Planet DVD Store / video piracy/fraudulent charges


I just received half of my order, which arrived with homemade labels & handwritten disc numbers...there are media announcements playing during the ending credits...recording plays one episode over and over...UNBELIEVABLE!! That was the cheaper of the two series I bought, and the more...

Planet DVD Store / never got dvd set


After searching for a website ( the one I ordered my dvd set from is has now vanished ) I came upon this complaint site. I too have ordered a complete set of "Then came Bronson for $57.00. I ordered it March 30, 2009. The e-mail indicated it would be 8 -10 days to receive it. I have sent...

Planet DVD Store / awful company


I purchased a complete series set of 'All in the Family' thru The dvd's were all defective and the last two discs of the series had nothing at all on them. The dvd's were sent from China and I emailed the company who 'guarantee' 100%...

Planet DVD Store / false advertising - fraud - buyer beware


Please do not buy from these crooks. They offer you a complete DVD box set of your favourite TV series for an unbelievably low price. But they do not send you the complete series. What you actually receive is a bunch of junk that is VCR taped from the TV and then transferred onto DVD. The...

Planet DVD Store / tv copies from old tnn &bootleg&


Rip off! Ordered The Real McCoys, 1960's they are all copies from the TNN channel sent from China. Poor quality, dvd would stop and skip. Do not order from this company!!! Scam!! Scam!!! They came with the CBS stamp on them. I Tried to contact planetdvdstore, they will not return my...

Planet DVD Store / pirated/fraud


This company is a Fraud I ordered both seasons of High Incident costed just over $100.00 to get here. The dvds are copied off of television "Fox 8" to be exaact, they are burnt copies and the dvds were put in an old vhs plastic case with a cheap graphic logo that was printed off a...

Planet DVD Store / pirated dvds from china


I ordered "Carol Burnett & Friends - The Complete Series" and got ripped off like everyone else. Package from China, no return address, surprise international service fee, program pirated from cable's TV Land, discs unplayable, $48.00 lost. I sent multiple emails to them but got no...

Planet DVD Store / frauds!

Do not buy anything from here ! I have made the mistake of doing so with along of many others there is no return address to get a refund or an exchange and most likel;y your going to need one. According to others the items you get from this company either do not play at all or the are bad...