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I've been using Redbox for rentals for the past six months. There are two kiosks in my supermarket and I found the service to be cheap and convenient.

Well, that was until yesterday morning when I checked my account and found a $52.44 charge from them.

I have successfully returned every movie I ever rented from them. The last time I rented, it was two movies for two nights and that should've resulted in two charges of $2.19. Instead, I was charged $2.19+$52.44.. WHAT A RIP OFF.

The worst part is that they haven't responded to any of the three emails I sent yesterday and it's been well over the 24 hour response window they have stated on their website.

They've left me feeling completely helpless over this, my bank says I can't reverse the charge because it's a debit card. It's just a mess.

I'M PISSED OFF and they have no reason for doing this. Even if they admitted that it was a mistake on their part and refunded me, WHO wants to deal with a company that makes THESE kinds of mistakes?

I'm so done with REDBOX. THEY are THEIVES


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    kgarrett12 Nov 06, 2009

    You may not be able to have the charge reversed with your bank, but if Redbox does not respond to you, you do have the right to dispute the overage with your bank and get your money back that way.

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    unchienne Apr 27, 2010

    Same thing happened to me. I rented four movies from Redbox, returned them the next day (and yes, the screen did prompt me to place the movies into the slot for the return), and was charged a week later for over 20 odd dollars. I spoke with a supervisor who refunded the money, but it was my first and only time renting and I'd never disputed anything else with them (obviously), so that made a difference, I think.

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    RedBox CSR Oct 17, 2010

    First of all the website states 1-2 business days. Idiot. The reason you were charged is because you never returned the disc. Even if you THINK you did, I deal with 5-10 calls everyday where the customer returned an empty case. If you returned the movie, even if the disc was registered as returned, it's in the box. So when our tech goes to the machine (minimum of once a week) he'll see it there and return it. But the disc wasn't there, was it? Before you accuse our techs of stealing the disc, they get the discs for dirt cheap. Like a dollar. They wouldn't risk it. Stop complaining. Let me guess... You deleted the reciept out of your inbox and the trash before you called? Pffft... Gimme a break!

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    Cher Shaine Apr 19, 2017

    @RedBox CSR Redbox plant to try to divert attention from a corrupt company. Just like McDonald's did with the lady that was burned by coffee. A campaigned is immediately launched to destroy ANYTHING negative. McDonald's distorted the facts and the severity of the woman's burns and seriousness of her permanent injuries to her genitalia and urinary system. Redbox deliberately tricks and outright steals and it is so prevalent that its a mainstay resource of income. I'm happy to talk to anyone about Redbox. They stole from me and I'm suing them. There's an "Esquire" after my name Redbox!!! You stole from the wrong person this time. I'm going to give you a crash course on RICO as well. Coming for you...Class Action...Cheri L. Shaine.

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    Sixer83 Apr 24, 2019

    @Cher Shaine I was charged on two different occasions. Once for 94.43 and secound for 63.67. They charged meat for the actual movies even after I return them tomorrow do they have my money they have the movies that they charged me for as well I tried calling customer service but they told me there's nothing they can do the only thing they can refund us 30 bucks are you serious they have $160 of mine what's 30 bucks I understand that 160 isn't a lot to them but it's a lot to me and then ask to speak to a supervisor who told me the same exact thing as the agent done I asked if I could speak to someone higher than him he told me nope there is no one I then ask him I didn't realize that he was the CEO of Redbox but apparently they told me that there's nothing I can do they have the movies and my money and that's just it please if you can help me in any way and tell me what I can do I would greatly appreciate it. My email is [email protected] thank u

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    TortyTaylor8603 Jul 12, 2019

    @RedBox CSR OMG @RedBox CSR...smh, the way you handled a genuine complaint (for all you know) was seriously uncalled for. Name calling a customer??!! What exactly is your position working with redbox company? Or should I say, what was your position, (I assume you've been fired by now for disrespecting customers and vulgar behavior). It's employees like you, who have no regard for customers concerns, complaints or questions that turn me off to the entire company itself. For example, I will never shop at a platos closet ever again because of an employee talking down on me and talking at me. It's disgusting the way some workers think they are even remotely close to talk to (or at) another human being, disgusting. Then you have to go and call them an Idiot?!! Because they came to a website specifically made for complaints that's not even a personal thing against you. I honestly even doubt you work or worked for redbox, seen how u have no customer service skills, if you did indeed work there at one point, then you'd know this is not how u handle a customers complaint or question, you do not speak to anyone this way and that a customer is always right...(which is really meant to say you are supposed to behave respectfully towards said customer and have a view and open mind that the customer is not lying and has a right to be upset or mad and your work relating people skills need a while shit ton of "editing"... name calling anywhere and implying that someone is lying about a problem is not cool, not ok and will make a lot of people not only mad and upset, but their view on Redbox and Redbox customer service is going to be awful abcess terrible thinking all representatives act and talk like you, who else would wanna be disrespected like that? And how do you know that "your tech" didn't lie about this movie not being returned? How do you know that "your tech" is not a liar, or that he has terrible morals and standards set to a point as u seem to do, and both you and "your tech" "working" at redbox, doesn't seem that far fetched...and honestly, now a days especially, how do you know that "your tech" isn't a drug addict who was robbing his red boxes for new movies or money or credit card numbers since that's obviously not unheard of... especially with ways to get around working while being on substances? And in no way am I implying all drug addicts are scumbags or liars, I'm just simply trying to make a point that you don't know someone just bc they work for your company or any company, doesn't mean they share the same values and mind set as others (^clearly)... so before you post comments such as yours, use your fucking brain and don't call someone else an idiot when that's what your being and sound like in your "post". As my teacher 15 years ago used to tell the trouble makers, 'Make good choices while using your head'...I also think first before I act... but I was also charged $30 yesterday for a dvd I returned days ago, did I get an email with a receipt? No!! My brother never does in my email address for a receipt to be sent, which is why I now have to contact customer support... but I'm not lying and could care less about the $30... now I just don't want the company to keep my money that's @RedBox CSR. Gimme a break you rude MF

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    unchienne Oct 18, 2010

    RedBox CSR...I know it's tempting to think that the customer isn't telling the truth (although the name calling is uncalled for and unprofessional). When I was laid off from my school, I took a job at a Directv call center and trust me...I know that a lot of people lie, but I also know that some genuinely do fall through the cracks and get ripped off.

    I was also told that the tech checks the machine and would have seen the discs there the following morning. That this was a safety precaution. However, that didn't happen in my case. My discs got checked in many days after I had returned them. I did not lie about this. I have no reason to. I've been late several times with dvds to our local in-store rental center and paid the fines with no argument. However, I won't pay a fine for something I didn't do. Not everyone you deal with is lying or trying to cheat the company. Accidents like these do happen, and they happen with a frequency that should be made known to the general public.

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    Cher Shaine Apr 19, 2017

    Redbox deliberately tricks and outright steals and it is so prevalent that it's a mainstay resource of income. I'm happy to talk to anyone about Redbox. They stole from me and I'm suing them. There's an "Esquire" after my name Redbox!!! You stole from the wrong person this time. I'm going to give you a crash course on RICO as well. Coming for you...Class Action...Cheri L. Shaine.

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  • Fl
    Flic Mar 20, 2018

    @Cher Shaine Curious if you have a lead on that class action. I want to get involved

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  • Ru
    Ruth Marquez Feb 04, 2018

    I think there is frauds going on . I’m currently in Reno, NV and they charged to my debit for rental charges in Oakbrook Ter Ill. I immediately called my bank I’m getting reimbursed and I have to wait for my new card. Fraud alert I don’t even use Redbox.

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  • Sa
    Sandra Watson Dec 15, 2018

    I was charged for dvd nov 22 2018 that I did not get Sandra watson

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