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Disney Movie Club Complaints & Reviews

Disney Movie Club / unauthorized credit card charges

Cassandra Russo on Jul 25, 2017
On 7/25/17 I was charged $33.90 for my subscription that I canceled months ago. I tried calling and that didn't help so now i am making a complaint. I enjoy disney movies and everything but i do not have the Money right now to pay for this subscription that I canceled so i would like this issue taken care of as soon as possible. thank you and good day.

Disney Movie Club / disney movie club

clawson2012 on Jul 7, 2017
Disney Movie Club continues mailing letters and packages (w/ DVD & Blueray videos) to our business address, even though they have been notified on numerous occasions that they are mailing to the wrong address. They keep mailing stuff to Lindsay McGlamery. I've notified DMC that the addre...

Disney Movie Club / Fraud and not authorized by me

Shaunazee Kaye Shepard on Apr 7, 2017
Someone frauded me and used my credit card online and would like to be refunded. In full and have already spoke to my bank which is Bank Of America and they said to contact disney movie club and they were confident that you would refund my funds back on my card so if you could please call...

Disney Movie Club / Customer service who behaves arrogantly...

Monina Manikis- Tee on Mar 9, 2017
I have been a member of the dm club for years & i have never spoken to anybody in customer service as arrogant that this this gentleman, zac (A phone call I have placed on 3/6/17 at 7:50pm mst) has delivered. I asked when my pre-ordered movie, moana is coming in. He said" well let me...

Disney Movie Club / Star wars new movie

rickyBurns on Jan 11, 2017
I'm very disappointed in the new movie not what I was expecting at all the force awakens was very good and I think every one was looking for the new one e to carry on from that but no yet again you go back in time to before the first movie your ratings would have expected been alot higher...

Disney Movie Club / The movies and accounts

kenzie97 on Sep 20, 2016
I think that your company should allow movies to be free for the whole subscription and that your company should allow youtube to have the movies for people to watch so let the people who do not have enough money to get movies get the movies for free or you might lose coustomers cause of...

Disney Movie Club / A Disney movie

Emma12345678910 on Jun 20, 2016
In the princess diaries movies (Princess Diaries and Princess Diaries 2) are completely different to the books (As I have read all of them). To start Princess Mia is not from San Franciscoz she is from New York City. I accept that the first movie is remotely the same as the first book but...

Disney Movie Club / Hannah Montana

Reviewer92913 on Sep 1, 2015
I hope after the VMA'S and Miley Smoking Pot on camera as if it's not a big deal at all and her Potty Mouth, that you will no longer be putting Hannah Montana back on the air. Miley can live her life as she sees fit, however the minute you put that show back on the air all those young and...

Disney Movie Club / won't let me cancel/unauthorized charges

Pei Pei Cheng on Apr 27, 2015
won't let me cancel/unauthorized charges I called and canceled my membership Feb/2015. Returned all the DVD they sent to me, but they keep sending to me back DVD I didn't ordered from them. They force you receive their new movie, and make the form very difficult to find how to call...

Disney Movie Club / returned to sender

ChristieM on Apr 22, 2014
I called to cancel my account so i would buy out the remaining movies to complete m contract. Ordered my movies to my work address, got my email that it was returned to sender. tried again, same thing. they never showed up at my wok address at all. Tried my grandmas house street addre...

Disney Movie Club / Charges for declined dvds

alexadem on Feb 26, 2014
This is now the third time i received confirmation that i declined a featured dvd and they sent me the dvd anyway! I'm sick of wasting my time unnecessarily standing in line at the post office to return these. My time is worth money too, and to have to take time out of my business day...

Dis*disney Movie Club / Unauthorized charges

azumi on Nov 26, 2013
There was a charged record at my credit card yesterday afternoon, about 30 dollars But I don't even know what the f*** was happened because that time I was sleeping I didn't buy anything here and I don't think any company or anybody could even know my credit card number So I blocked the card

Disney Movie Club / Incompetent Customer Service

xxxorcist on Jul 2, 2013
Been a member for a few months now. Initially things went well, however, as of recent service has become pretty awful. Started when I recently ordered a DVD to complete my third of six DVD commitment to the group. Paid for and received movie and everything was good. Got a copy of another...

Disney Movie Club / Charged for a Declined Movie

jettahlily008 on Jan 23, 2013
Since I joined the Disney Movie Club I have declined every feature. A movie came in the mail and when I called them to let them know that I declined it. They said that I missed to decline the feature of the month. I don't know how to prove it now and they are charging me for the movie...

Disney Movie Club / Featured Title

grandoor on Dec 5, 2012
Even though I declined the featured title I was still charged for it, causing my credit card to be overcharged. When I contacted them they said it was to late for them to cancel, but they were still able to include a return envelope.

Dis*disney Movie Club / what should i do?

peguitar on Sep 29, 2011
I have ordered DVDs from it once, but later, there were constant charges about $28~30 on me credit card record each month! what should i do to stop it?

Disney Movie Club / Disney Movie Club

FoReal352 on Aug 28, 2011
Ok. So I need to cancel my member ship because I AM UNDER 18. My mom has been getting very mad. we haven't bought anything for the commitment thing. And yet we don't want to buy anymore. So please just cancel my account.

Disney Movie Club / Either Disney Movie Club, or one of their affiliates signed us up for a fraudulent account

Torma on Aug 13, 2011
Either Disney Movie Club, or one of their affiliates signed us up for a fraudulent account. We had to cancel our credit card and they removed the charges from our account. But D.M.C. didn’t stop sending us bills and notices for many months (still coming as of today). The credit card...

Disney Movie Club / attempts to decline monthly featured selection

LaceyAmanda on Jul 20, 2011
I can't find the featured selection on the site, so I can decline it! Also, there have been other misleading things the "club" has done.

Disney Movie Club / wrongful billing

Debra Green on Jul 8, 2011

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