Red Roof Inn / customer service

Austin, TX, United States

Sold my confirmed room out from under my Wife and I. Never refunded, sent us to another location clear across town and no where near our venue. Got to the hotel was told I could not park in any of the 4 spaces in front of the hotel as they were for "employess only" If you are looking for a place to score crack and a stanky whore than this is your place. Red Roof Inn Austin, TX North. If you just want to get ripped off then stay at the Austin South location. No customer service reps available to resolve problems during the weekend. We were sent an apology and a free room stay. I go to book our free room ($49) and because I did not carry the confirmation number with me they will not honor that as well. Chris in customer relations states that NO ONE in the Hotel Executive managment has the ability to rectify the situation. REALLY CHRIS? How about just paying me back for the night you sold my reservation to someone else but charged me for it?
Red Roof Inn - the worst in 30 years of my sales experience. Congrats you are was that worth the $49 bucks you saved?

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