Red Lobster / unethical behavior

Chicago, IL, United States

I was dining at Red Lobster on June 8, 2017. The food was great. My problem was I had to ask for my bill after waiting like 20 mins. The place wasn't crowed, it was 2:26pm so I don't know why the wait was so long. My main problem was when I got the bill it was already totaled out. It said total 27.72, cash 30.00 difference 2.28. This was before I even paid my bill. At first I thought what a coincidence that someone has the exact same order at the exact same time as me, it made me think that something fishy was going on. I hesitantly paid with my debit card, which I didn't want to do. It took the young lady over 11 minutes to come back with my card. It was so long that I asked a male who was present at the bar making drinks if he was a manager, he said yes, I said can you find my server and ask her what's taking so long with my card. I don't trust people walking away with my card for long periods of time and especially after she had already bought me a bill that was totaled out. The whole situation seemed fishy to me. I will say the food was great but the only problem I had was with my server and the way she handled my card and bill. This happened at Red Lobster on 51st and Pulaski in Chicago. The cashier had an urban name I don't remember, I believe it was Rasheeda or Kalihah or something to that affect. If you all contact me, I will have the receipt in hand, its in my car and I currently have a rental car.

Jun 13, 2017

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