Red Lobster / terrible customer service - winter haven - cypress garden location

Winter Haven, FL, United States
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I wanted to express how incredibly disappointed I was with your customer service the other evening. I visited with my family around 10 pm for my son's birthday. The first thing that he saw as the hostess was looking for a table, was a server signaling "no" to the hostess. Meaning she did not want us to be seated in her area this late in the evening. She got my drink order wrong, our appetizers were burnt and they needed to re-do them, my steak was overcooked (Asked for med rare and I received a well-done steak). Apparently, the cook shut down the stove after preparing our meal and was not very pleased that he needed to re-fire the grill to re-cook my steak because he made himself known. He actually walked out to the dining area and stared at us with an extremely annoyed look. I then received my steak 100% raw and bleeding on my plate, which should not be served to anyone, but I didn't make an issue at the time due to my son's birthday. I paid for my meal and even tipped this horrific service, but never ate that steak. After the look we got, I was certain that this food was not safe to eat. I spent $160.00 for the worst service and for a horrible birthday meal for my son.

If your business hours are until 11 pm, you and your staff should be prepared and willing to serve anyone that walks in until that time. It was clear no one at that restaurant wanted to work that evening and was not very happy that we arrived at 10 pm. I recently purchased a home in the area, but I promise you that I much rather drive into orlando for a meal, then visit your restaurant ever again.

Jun 18, 2017

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