Real Canadian Superstore / expired food!

Confederation Drive, Saskatoon SK, Canada

Good afternoon
I am writing to express my displeasure with your Confederation store in Saskatoon. Last week there was a demo for Dole fruit in the resealable packages. I had wanted to get a few but upon speaking with the demo lady we discovered that not only could she NOT do the demo but I could also not get the fruit I wanted as it was expired. We checked the shelf and to our shock, there was more that was expired. I stopped in again last week and picked up 4 of the fruit cocktail. Upon closer inspection and confusion I took a picture of the expiry date and sent it to Dole. Dole told me that these packages I bought were expired. I returned the product and spoke to a manager who told me that they would be pulled from the shelf and that he would start an investigation into why this was on the shelf again. I stopped in today and to my shock and disgust, once again the product is STILL on the shelf AND expired. Yesterday at your Confederation store I bought a bag of white baby potatoes. I get them home to cook them only to discover they are green. Green potatoes cannnot and should not be ingested as it can cause severe reactions within the body. The only way for them to turn green is to have them exposed to light! Somewhere, somehow this was the case. I also wanted to buy lettuce, ALL of the lettuce had been frozen at one point and is not wilted. I'm starting to wonder if this store is being used as a dumping ground for expired or rotten food. We work very hard for our money and we used to enjoy shopping at that store. Unfortunately this store is a complete disaster with bare and or messy shelves, expired food and generally not clean! The gravy shelf is full of empty boxes. I do have the message and picture of the expired fruit and the potatoes were returned today! This is unacceptable!

Oct 15, 2017

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