Real Canadian Superstore / customer service

Dartmouth, NS, Canada

I went to the superstore on Portland Street, Dartmouth on September 2017, I bought a ps4 for my son's, went through the cash paid for the product then was directed to pick my item up at customer service, then after then searching they tell me there is none and I will have to go to another store, I did ask if they could get one to come there, they said no but I'll call a store to see if they have them, needless to say I had to go to Bayer's lake one which was an hour drive there and back. I'm very disappointed that I already paid then refunded then had to drive so far. I could understand doing this if I hadn't already paid for the item. Thank you for taking the time to read
Christena bowser

Real Canadian Superstore

Sep 7, 2017

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