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Calgary, AB, Canada

Hi, I went today for the first time in your store in grocery shopping.I saw on your flyer that for spending 250$ free gift is Tide fabric care special pack.We spend in your store 361.39$ and on our receipt was -25$ for Tide fabric free gift. Cashier told us that we have to pick up free gift in Customer service.We went there and woman who works there told us that free gift is not Tide fabric and that free gift is 18 kg rice.Wtf?!Me, my boyfriend and my mum couldn't belive that what she said-18 kg rice for free gift.I said to my boyfriend :that has to be joke.I asked woman that works at Customer service why we didn't get Tide frabic free gift how it says on flyer and free coupoun and she said we dont have Tide fabric anymore.Wtf?! That was really dissapointed.We spend 361, 39$ and free gift is 18 kg rice not Tide fabric how it writes on coupoun.Very humilianting!You are making a fools from your customers!If in flyer and on free coupoun writes that free gift for spending 250$ is Tide fabric than I and every customer has right to get Tide fabric and not stupid rice!!! I went with my family first time to your store to buy grocery, but that was our first and last time that we were in some of your stores buying anything.We will not buy anything in your store ever again.So humilianting I didn't feel in my entire life. We didn't want to take this rice as a free gift, we left it there because we were angry, dissapointed and very very humiliated.I live in Canada for a long time but that was the first time that I was feeling so humiliated and you are quilty for that.If we new that you are acting with your customer like that, making fools from them and humiliating them we would never come to your store.
This humiliated situation and your acting to the customer I will tell to all my friends and family and they will tell to their family and friends and you will loose a lots of customers.
Superstore-store where are making fools from customers and humiliates customer.Very sad from you.

Dissapointed and humiliated customer Biserka Milina
#2702 909 7 Ave SW

Real Canadian Superstore
Real Canadian Superstore

Jan 26, 2017

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