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Raymour & Flanigan / terrible experience

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I have never seen a business as bad as Raymour and Flanigan. I question... are these names genuine family names or are they stage names as all scams are? I correct my questioning to add that if these are real family names then they either 1. Must be so gullible as to think that their business is running as it should or they 2. Are completely ignorant to think that a business can be managed and supervised by trained sales individuals that are more than educated on their product and know how to manipulate the situation as it is convenient for them and not the customer to include the owners (Raymour and Flanigan). Whatever happened to good customer care and quality products especially quality products which you thought you paid top dollar for? Any company worth their future would never outsource false leadership (Regional Sales Manager's) while they (R&F) vacation and enjoy life. Here is a short but fairly detailed story on what happened to my wife and me as customers and having to settle with a very unpleasant end result. When we first arrived in Connecticut we purchased a home and needed a new bedroom so we started the hunt for furniture stores keeping in mind we did see some fairly bad under budget commercials on a certain competitor that which I will not specify and thought oh my god where are we until we managed to find a store in Waterford, Connecticut that store was Raymour and Flanigan. Well on the way in we were not greeted not once I thought well I guess it’s not the same everywhere you go. Then as we were looking at beds and seemed serious to certain sales individuals and I say individuals due to the lack of enthusiasm in everyone there. Now keep in mind we are focused on beds and looking at the one we want when out of the blue this sale’s individual approached us and wanted to sell us a table... Now where does a bed come into play with the table? This situation should have told us all there was on about store but being open and not judgmental. We finally purchased what we wanted and while on display the bedroom set was solid and magnificent we even went to take it a step further to freefall with our backs on the bed and shake it and the bed did not budge so we thought this is exactly what we wanted a solid bed with frame that does not move. Well the delivery was not as promised and after several attempts by them they finally were able to deliver it to our home. When they were assembling the bed frame and laying the mattress in everything looked fine we even asked them if it was solid and sturdy and they mumbled yeah and nodded. I should have known then… that evening when we went to bed we noticed that the bed was sagging in the center and also it was moving as you laid in it and got out of it not small movements but 4 to 5 inches from side to side and we have wood floors. Now for the good part, we called R&F and explained the whole situation and they didn’t seem to want to hear our side of the story so I asked to speak with the sales manager this was not too good neither it seemed as if the sales manager didn’t want to hear the problem with their product neither so I asked for the regional sales manager thinking they’re has to be someone who will be more than willing to hear the problem. Well when he finally called me we spoke and I was too disappointed to even consider keeping the product so he managed to ask some trouble shooting questions as if who to blame and looking to point the finger to with questions such as “Do you have carpeting?” Then right after went on saying “well with carpeting the supports tend to slide and that can be an issue and the cause for your bed sagging and moving” Just then I cut his silver tongue right off and said “I have wood flooring” he gave a pause then went on saying that he will do everything in his power to get another truck out to my house to service the bed and fix the issue the next day. I said ok as long as you fix it no problem. The next day came and no truck came by with men and their tools. I called R&F and to their surprise they made a mistake and were unable to come out. Their response we are sorry and we will see what we can do to get someone out there next week. Now you know where this is going… right? So, I call the regional manager up again and guess what?... we had a couple guys show up the next morning. Wow if only everyone had a sense of urgency as the regional manager. Yeah right! Being a little sarcastic here with that last part. So they were in the bedroom and did what they needed to do then left. A couple hours that same evening the regional manager calls and asked how everything is and I tell him that it seems fine now after some small talk and apologies from him we hung up. Well guess what three days later the bed was the same sagging and sliding so frustrated that the only thing I did was not make any more calls and suck it up. Unsatisfactory service and product this has been my worst nightmare when dealing with sales. Never again! Oh by the way I made the bed a platform to mimic the support it had in the showroom. Thanks Raymour & Flanigan.

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  • Cy
      29th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    can you possibly send me the regional managers phone # I am also having a bad experience and I need help!! Thanks!!

  • My
      31st of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    Sounds like you were missing the slats. Simple mistake .. major headache.

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